Sunday, 17 June 2012

Berikyuu Chou HAPPY SONG

Ahhh.. I know we've completely neglected Hello! Project T_T So sorry
But this video made me completely nostalgic and sad how much I've been neglecting these girls!!
I know a Berryz and C-ute collab is a dream come true for us kids fans but I always thought
it was a poor excuse for the producers to just put them all together to do just one project really slowly,
while S/mileage and Morning Musume keeps getting promoted.

Ahh but I did like the "hidden" song between the Berryz and C-ute song but after seeing this PV,
I was completely overthrown with a big smile on my face on how sweet this PV was.. it was simple like most Hello! Project videos but the simplicity of it just felt like a breath of fresh air again.
I must remember to keep supporting them again!!


Ok I know this is so last (few) month(s)
but this is one of the best H!P videos ever
I love the mini symbolism, white and red make pink 
and the HP at the end.
it's so well thought out!
my one complaint is that during the 'hug' scene Captain was nowhere to be seen, and momoko appeared twice, was that an error?
I really liked Nakki's hair, and Mai and Risako looked lovely
but for me Miyabi stole the show! (ofc)
I didn't realize she was wearing extensions until the second watch xP