Thursday, 29 September 2011

Usaa's Video Corner! 60 ~Zansho Omimai Moshiagemasu


Morning Musume - 10th Gen Members Announced

didn't realize time flew by so quick!

here's the verdict
there will be 4 new members!

Left to Right
Kudou Haruka (11 year old)
Satou Masaki (12 years old)
Ishida Ayumi (14 years old)
Iikubo Haruna (16 years old)

omg can't believe Sara isn't in it?
is Tsunku saving her for something?
if not, he's stupid to let her go
she has so much potential!

but other than that I'm really happy Haruka and Haruna got though!
hope Haruka gets lots of lines
and Haruna to get to be the face or something (she's pretty ne)

Ayumi has got the idol skills
namely dancing methinks
but, I don't know much about Masaki...
(I think she was the one who didn't sing so well too..)

but yeah I'm really interested to see them in action^^

Berryz C-ute - Sengoku Jieitai Song!

sorry for being absent, UsaTEN has been so busy lately =.=
hopefully school work will calm down (hopefully!)

wow I didn't see this coming^^
I like the sound of it
nice and soothing

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

J-melo: Takahashi Ai goes to France and the UK!

WOW!! Have you guys seen this? 
This is pretty amazing! I'm pretty jealous. They're really lucky!
Where's my Airi~ =3= 
Congrats to these girls, they have felt so happy even if it was only for a short while : )

Doesn't it make you think, what would you do if this happened to you?

So here's a Risu question for the post! 
Which member would you want to visit you and how would you welcome them and what would you with your idol?

Leave a comment : D


Saturday, 24 September 2011

Berryz C-ute - Amazuppai Haru ni Sakurasaku Radio Rip

It's like they're trying to do cute with a tiny scary twist? xD but mostly cute ofc
can't imagine this fitting in with Ousama Game..xD

it's nice that they get even lines
though I think it'd been better if they each had a solo line or something

tbh it doesn't stand out to me right now
but I'm anticipating the PV..I hear there's one, at least I hope so!

Morning Musume - 10 Gen Auditions 2

Kudou Haruka is now also my fave from the finalists along with Sara
Haruka pawned the singing, she did really well!

overall they sang ok, though I thought the second one to sing was a bit off

I find Haruna Iikubo interesting, I dunno why but she stands out to me

basically I still like the 3 I started off liking
I'd be happy if they got in^^

Saturday, 17 September 2011

Morning Musume - 10 Gen Auditions

Get to see them in action

I have to say Murakami Sara is my fave, hope she gets in, I like her voice
Ishida Ayumi is a fave I see, and she does dance well, so she'd be a very good choice

who do you like?
I think we'll know who gets in end of September

Friday, 16 September 2011

New Trailer: Ousama Game

Ahhh! A longer trailer!
Kumai looks so coooool~ and scary. 
Well all of them look pretty cool too~ Risako is definitely ahah. I'm guessing she's playing some sort of class president role? 

Definitely can't wait to watch this too! Hope someone subs~

What do you guys think of this upcoming movie?

And is that really Risako with that kiss scene?

Who's that dead on the floor?

If most of the characters are going to die...which H!P member is gonna fall first do you think?

Please comment~

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Birthday! AI shiteru

September 14th
Otanjoubi Omedetou Gozaimasu!
Happy 25th Birthday!

Sorry I'm late ><
but ahh sad, this is your last birthday with Momusu
over these past few months..I became a big fan of Ai!
she's..just so talented!
so I will be very sad to see you go, but then again, you've been with MM for 10 years now
so it's time to move on I guess
I just hope we still get to hear news about you^^

Anyways hope you had a great day!
enjoy it to the max
I'll miss you when you go ><

since Ai is one of the lucky few who allwayys looks pretty
get ready for a mega picspam!

some last messages;

you can pull of any hair length



but my fave is midlength^^

you're flexible and can dance ballet

and you've been the mother hen of H!P xD

aand from all the blog photos I've seen, 
Ai has the best selcas (self camera) by far!

Lovely Ai<3

Sorrry for my lack of updates!
I'll be making a comeback one day.. one dayyy!!

Anywho, this is about Ai.

Ai will miss you Ai~ You were my second favourite in Morning Musume with your beauty and talent and you really had this powerful presence in Hello! Project -or at least I always felt this.
I'm sure you've taught and led your members and it's so sad you're leaving honestly.
But I wish you well in all of your future endeavours and you must become a solo artist at least honestly haha

So happy 25th birthday! A nice age to move on from~


C-ute - New Single Video Message

aww these are really cute
I like how they answer a question related to their single
Maimi and Mai's hair has gotten long!
lol at Chisa for her Buono love <3

Yessss Chisa has so much Buono! love.. I bet she'd give anything to be in Buono! awww

hmm.. for the happiest girl in C-ute? This might be my order:

1. Airi
2. Maimi
3. Mai
4. Chisato
5. Nakkii

...well actually it's not like we really know when they're happy or not and I had to change my order a bit because I realised I was basing it on their attitudes and energy haha and I only put Nakkii last because she seems so cutely grumpy all the time <3


Monday, 12 September 2011

Usaa's Video Corner! 59 ~Hello!Winter

Some performances from H!P Winter concerts
loving the ears<3

Extra Performance

H!P kids pawn~

Morning Musume - Takahashi Ai's solo

skip to 2:47

I thought it'd be a slow mature song xD
but then again a happy song is better suited for a graduation
though after hearing it once, I can't remember the tune at all...

Polls! Who do you think is the Best Actress?


Surprisingly there isn't a big range of answers for this poll xD

ok, winner by is Airii
she's in a lot of films nee
but to be honest, I really disagree with this outcome
to me, she excels by far, strong points in singing and dancing and school
but I don't think acting is one
I mean she's good at imitations (love her Risu one) but imitating and acting are different
whilst she's probably better than a lot of people, I can't say she's the best

tied in second are Maimi and Ai
I haven't really seen Maimi act, only from long ago, but I did see the Ran rehearsal, and she did well there
but Ai for me is probably one of the best (if not the best), I watched her acting lessons in Hawaii, and she could produce real tears on the spot! and also watched the beginning of Cinderella, she's good in that too. though I'd prefer if she didn't always play the timid characters.

Just grabbing third is Nakki
I haven't seen  her acting either xP, but I hear from people she's good, and I can imagine it, hope she gets more roles

Next is Momo
I have seen her acting, in the film with all the H!P kids, where Momo was the main character
I was amazed! she was soo young and can act so well!
she is known as the best actress in H!P kids (along with Megumi)
so yeah she'd be the top of my list~

Mai in fifth
xD um I dunno much about Mai either, she seems alright

Then it's Risa/Chinami/Chisato/Mano
ok starting with Risa, I think she's a good actress and deserves to be higher up. she was really good as Prince Charming in Cinderella, and good in Fashionable too. for her she always plays the cool type ne.
um tbh I don't think Chii is that great at acting, but then again she's never had an actual role to judge from
Chisato seems ok, I remember seeing a clip from a C-ute film or something, she kept bursting out laughing though lol
lastly Mano, she's in a loot of films! she looks like she would be good, in like serious roles mainly, I watched this idol drama she was in, Mano spy? or something...I wasn't really impressed with that, but I thought that type of role won't show acting skills well, so I gave her the BOD

ok that concludess it
thank you for voting everyone^^
please vote again for the next poll
Who do you think will always win an argument?
I literally just thought that up on the spot lol xD

and I'm happy to say I'm quite early with this update xD

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Tsunku - Tsuntube first ep

skip to 21:00 for H!P if you don't want to watch it all
xD it's so random

I only watched it for the special guest (who was at end end =.=)
so I ended up watching the whole thing

who are those girls? so many, and the pigtailed one overdoes it a bit..
the first girl looks pretty, but her singing was .....
and the second girl xD I don't know what she was saying, but I understand the sign which said 'long...'
and some other girl made cutting motions which I found quite funny
then I think Tsunku said 'again!' as a joke 

and oo for the second group of girls
one girl said she went to a Hey! Say! JUMP concert (Usa is a fan =w=)
and Tsunku asked her who she liked I think, and she said 'Nakajima' 
and Tsunku went 'Nakki?' 
and the girl 'eh?' 
lool, then the other guy was like noo not Nakki
(she's referring to Yuto<3 good taste lol)

and the special guest<33
yurinnaa, and her fangirl, I found that bit really funny for some reason
and she was about to cry, (though I wonder if I'll ever be like that if I ever get to meet buono!..)
them dancing together was funny, yurina kept looking over xD

so yeah..
the video has more dislikes than likes! 
I feel sorry for Tsunku, but I also find it funny xP

Buono! - New single announced!

their 13th single is called DEEP MIND
and is the ending theme to their film 'Gomennasai'

omg omg omg!
I'm so happy
this so made my day

lol isn't it funny that miyabi's picture is totally different whilst momo is exactly the same

I'm liking the name, I hope it's quite rocky, and upbeat
to show off what Buono! is best known for
and hopefullly, lots of people will learn about Buono!^^
single date TBA

Edit: thought I'd post something from Airi's blog I found interesting;

for the movie Buono! is starring in
“Gomen nasai”
we recorded the theme song 
It was rock~
I’m looking forward to
what kind of product it will be 
can read the full entry >here<
yaay its rock! xD

Ahhhh!!! Can't wait can't wait! Definitely watching this movie~ and they even let number one Buono! fan girl Chisato into the movie too hehe


Saturday, 10 September 2011

Kikkawa Yuu - New movie 'Cheerfu11y'


Kikkawa Yuu
Hayami Akari (ex-Momoiro Clover)
Tamai Anna, Anzai Naomi, Sakuma Kaho, and Mori Shiori (Passpo☆ )
Furukawa Kontasu and Mori Saki (Up-Up Girls)  
Akiyama Yurika and Goto Yuki (THE Possible)
Niwa Mikiho (Canary Club)

The film is about 11 girls attending an all-girls high school, when one day they break an important bronze statue. In order to pay and repair it, they enter a cheerleading competition, in hopes of winning then using the prize money to cover the debt.

wow all starring idols!
it sounds really interesting
and for once it's not horror related!
I would love it even more if H!P kids were in it..
but still I'm really excited for this film, want to watch ><

C-ute - Maimi and Nakki stars in new film 'Zomvideo'

Apparently it's a comedy =O
that's got my attention
though probably will have some aspects of horror, but I don't think it should be that scary
hope not anyways xD
aand C-ute's new single Sekai Ichi...etc
will be the ending theme lool
they're happy they are beating uo zombies?
strange strange

This film will be about zombies roaming around the office and the story’s protagonist, Aiko (Yajima), will stand up against zombies to escape.
Nakki's role is uncomfirmed
but wow they're getting lots of film roles lately nee
the film has already bee completed and it will be released in October
hope I can watch it on DVD or something^^

Morning Musume - 10th Gen finalists!

1) Kudou Haruka (Age 11)
2) Iikubo Haruna (Age 16)
3) Tashima Meru (Age 11)
4) Miyagi Ayumi (Age 11)
5) Miwa Satsuki (Age 12)
6) Ishida Ayumi (Age 14)
7) Tanaka Fuuka (Age 12)
8) Satou Masaki (Age 12)
9) Oogami Hinako (Age 13)
10) Murakami Sara (Age 13)

oo interesting, they're so young though!
from the video, I like 1, 2 and 10!
1 is a H!P egg, I like her cause she sings well and looks cute^^
2's freezeframe made me laugh, her fringe annoys me, but I dunno I think she seems interesting
and I think 10 has the best voice, and for some reason she looks familiar...
soo there we go, I wonder how many 10th gen there will be...
I have a feeling that Tsunku will add more eggs like Miyamoto Karin (if he doesn't I will feel bad for her, cause she is good)
who catches your eyes? comment below onegaishimasuu

S/mileage - Kosuga Fuyuka to leave S/mileage due to Anemia

The announcement posted on the official S/mileage website states:
Thank you for always supporting S/mileage. Due to S/mileage sub-member Kosuga Fuyuka’s poor health being brought to our attention, she underwent a careful examination at a hospital. According to the results of the exam, it was discovered that she has a problem with her blood composition. Due to her severe anemia, she must refrain from exercise and must undergo medical treatment for several months.
It is truly unfortunate, but her activities as a S/mileage sub-member will be cancelled for now, and she will focus on her treatment regimen. After she has completes treatment and her health returns to normal, we plan to have her start again as a member of Hello! Pro Egg [Hello! Project's trainees].
Hello! Project’s producer Tsunku♂ also commented on the announcement:
What I was able to say to her was, ‘Please don’t over-do it, and devote yourself to your recuperation.’ When I asked her, ‘After your full recovery, you would be able to continue your lessons as a member of Hello! Pro Egg, but what would you like to do?”, she replied, ‘I want to quickly get better and start over again as an Egg.’
She’s still young, so I would like her to quickly regain her health and start again as an Egg with her wonderful smile.
The newly reborn S/mileage will go forward with the three original members and four sub-members. Everyone, please cheer for the girls!

translations from Tokyohive
woow poor girl
so sudden, she just joined as well
I didn't recognize her name at first, I only know her as the supposedly 'intelligent type' lol
this process was really quick, I hear she was taken to hospital when she was feeling unwell and was diagnosed with a severe case of anemia =/

but at least when she recovers, she'll joing H!P eggs
get well soon!

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

H!P - 2012 Calendars!

ja jaan!

Morning Musume

Berryz Kobo


Mano Erina

aww they're all pretty^^
My fave is probably Berryz, it's colourful, you can see them clearly and the layout is fair
Chii and Miya are my fave pics~
C-ute and Mano's are also pretty, though Mano's cover reminds me of another of her's the hair xD

I actually like Momusu's the least,
I really don't like that Riho is at the front and Gaki is behind her
it's... not seniority!
though Riho does look cute here xD
but I do feel bad for Gaki, she's not even in the middle =.=

S/mileage is currently printing
I guess they can't do their usual hug pose

btw my internet on my computer is not working =.=
so I may be a lil slow

Monday, 5 September 2011

Polls! - Who do you think is the most scariest H!P Member?

Takahashi Ai
  2 (2%)
Niigaki Risa
  4 (5%)
Michishige Sayumi
  5 (6%)
Tanaka Reina
  22 (29%)
Mitsui Aika
  9 (12%)
Fukumura Mizuki
  1 (1%)
Ikuta Erina
  1 (1%)
Sayashi Riho
  2 (2%)
Suzuki Kanon
  0 (0%)
Shimizu Saki
  0 (0%)
Tsugunaga Momoko
  5 (6%)
Tokunaga Chinami
  0 (0%)
Sudou Masaa
  1 (1%)
Natsuyaki Miyabi
  8 (10%)
Kumai Yurina
  1 (1%)
Sugaya Risako
  4 (5%)
Yajima Maimi
  0 (0%)
Nakajima Saki
  0 (0%)
Suzuki Airi
  2 (2%)
Okai Chisato
  7 (9%)
Hagiwara Mai
  1 (1%)
Mano Erina
  0 (0%)
Wada Ayaka
  0 (0%)
Maeda Yuuka
  0 (0%)
Fukuda Kanon
  0 (0%)
Ogawa Saki
  0 (0%)
Total votes 75

Watching this poll has been fun xD and I have to say I don't understand some votes lol, but it makes it more interesting

woow what a win! lol
Not surprising Yankee Reina to take home this crown
certainly when she was younger she really had the yankee look xD it was the eyes
but now I don't find her look scary, appearance wise she has changed
and most of us know she's not scary really xD so for me, Reina wouldn't win this poll

Mitsui Aika juust second xD 
I agree, I find her scary, like with the 9th gen, I don't care if you guys say she was strict for their own good, she was scary! lol
she'd probably be on the top of my list xD

Miyabi in third!
lool, is what I think, I dunno I don't find her scary at all
but I can sorta see why some people do, she used to have this really cool look that can look as if she's moody, and of course the time when she denied Mai and Chisato meat haha
she's quite straightforward, so I can see she can be scary. but then I see her hyper side and it's like total opposites in character

Chisato following closely behind!

I don't really find her scary either... it was only when she with Momo that I found her a bit
personally I find Mai more scary than Chisato haha

Tied next is Momo and Sayumi
it's funny the cute members are tied 
I guess Sayumi is the 'poison tongue' type scary and Momo is the freaky scary (when she tied with miya is the first Buono! Days, her evil laugh is epic)

Next is Risa!
I think that she should be higher up this poll, I find her quite scary xD in fact it's probably her and Aika the most for me

Ai, Riho and Airii are tied!
I actually don't know why people chose them three...
I don't say that in a mean way, it's just that I wonder what you're reasons are lol xD
maybe I can understand Ai, she's quite serious mostly and I do remember when Chisato was like I can't call Airi Ame onna otherwise she gets mad haha
but I don't know Riho enough
soo, for those who voted for them, please feel free to leave a comment to explain^^

Mizuki, Ikuta Erina Yurina and Mai all received a vote each
I honestly think Mai should be higher up!
though I wouldn't know why people find Yurina scary..her height? xD
once again I don't know Mizuki and Ikuta Erina, though I remember in Shugo Chara eggs Mizuki always had a cool and serious expression which I thought was funny as SCE are supposed to be quite genki
I still just find Erina awkward....xD

soo that was interesting! no votes for s/mileage I see, though I think Kanon can be scary sometimes..
I guess there's different types of scary

thanks for voting everyone!
next poll is, Who do you think is the best actress?
please vote!

I thought this video was quite fitting

and of course, no one can be scarier than
the boss himself