Sunday, 11 September 2011

Buono! - New single announced!

their 13th single is called DEEP MIND
and is the ending theme to their film 'Gomennasai'

omg omg omg!
I'm so happy
this so made my day

lol isn't it funny that miyabi's picture is totally different whilst momo is exactly the same

I'm liking the name, I hope it's quite rocky, and upbeat
to show off what Buono! is best known for
and hopefullly, lots of people will learn about Buono!^^
single date TBA

Edit: thought I'd post something from Airi's blog I found interesting;

for the movie Buono! is starring in
“Gomen nasai”
we recorded the theme song 
It was rock~
I’m looking forward to
what kind of product it will be 
can read the full entry >here<
yaay its rock! xD

Ahhhh!!! Can't wait can't wait! Definitely watching this movie~ and they even let number one Buono! fan girl Chisato into the movie too hehe


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