Thursday, 15 September 2011

Birthday! AI shiteru

September 14th
Otanjoubi Omedetou Gozaimasu!
Happy 25th Birthday!

Sorry I'm late ><
but ahh sad, this is your last birthday with Momusu
over these past few months..I became a big fan of Ai!
she's..just so talented!
so I will be very sad to see you go, but then again, you've been with MM for 10 years now
so it's time to move on I guess
I just hope we still get to hear news about you^^

Anyways hope you had a great day!
enjoy it to the max
I'll miss you when you go ><

since Ai is one of the lucky few who allwayys looks pretty
get ready for a mega picspam!

some last messages;

you can pull of any hair length



but my fave is midlength^^

you're flexible and can dance ballet

and you've been the mother hen of H!P xD

aand from all the blog photos I've seen, 
Ai has the best selcas (self camera) by far!

Lovely Ai<3

Sorrry for my lack of updates!
I'll be making a comeback one day.. one dayyy!!

Anywho, this is about Ai.

Ai will miss you Ai~ You were my second favourite in Morning Musume with your beauty and talent and you really had this powerful presence in Hello! Project -or at least I always felt this.
I'm sure you've taught and led your members and it's so sad you're leaving honestly.
But I wish you well in all of your future endeavours and you must become a solo artist at least honestly haha

So happy 25th birthday! A nice age to move on from~


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  1. Lol at picspam.

    I always call her Takahashi "lovely" Ai.