Monday, 5 September 2011

Polls! - Who do you think is the most scariest H!P Member?

Takahashi Ai
  2 (2%)
Niigaki Risa
  4 (5%)
Michishige Sayumi
  5 (6%)
Tanaka Reina
  22 (29%)
Mitsui Aika
  9 (12%)
Fukumura Mizuki
  1 (1%)
Ikuta Erina
  1 (1%)
Sayashi Riho
  2 (2%)
Suzuki Kanon
  0 (0%)
Shimizu Saki
  0 (0%)
Tsugunaga Momoko
  5 (6%)
Tokunaga Chinami
  0 (0%)
Sudou Masaa
  1 (1%)
Natsuyaki Miyabi
  8 (10%)
Kumai Yurina
  1 (1%)
Sugaya Risako
  4 (5%)
Yajima Maimi
  0 (0%)
Nakajima Saki
  0 (0%)
Suzuki Airi
  2 (2%)
Okai Chisato
  7 (9%)
Hagiwara Mai
  1 (1%)
Mano Erina
  0 (0%)
Wada Ayaka
  0 (0%)
Maeda Yuuka
  0 (0%)
Fukuda Kanon
  0 (0%)
Ogawa Saki
  0 (0%)
Total votes 75

Watching this poll has been fun xD and I have to say I don't understand some votes lol, but it makes it more interesting

woow what a win! lol
Not surprising Yankee Reina to take home this crown
certainly when she was younger she really had the yankee look xD it was the eyes
but now I don't find her look scary, appearance wise she has changed
and most of us know she's not scary really xD so for me, Reina wouldn't win this poll

Mitsui Aika juust second xD 
I agree, I find her scary, like with the 9th gen, I don't care if you guys say she was strict for their own good, she was scary! lol
she'd probably be on the top of my list xD

Miyabi in third!
lool, is what I think, I dunno I don't find her scary at all
but I can sorta see why some people do, she used to have this really cool look that can look as if she's moody, and of course the time when she denied Mai and Chisato meat haha
she's quite straightforward, so I can see she can be scary. but then I see her hyper side and it's like total opposites in character

Chisato following closely behind!

I don't really find her scary either... it was only when she with Momo that I found her a bit
personally I find Mai more scary than Chisato haha

Tied next is Momo and Sayumi
it's funny the cute members are tied 
I guess Sayumi is the 'poison tongue' type scary and Momo is the freaky scary (when she tied with miya is the first Buono! Days, her evil laugh is epic)

Next is Risa!
I think that she should be higher up this poll, I find her quite scary xD in fact it's probably her and Aika the most for me

Ai, Riho and Airii are tied!
I actually don't know why people chose them three...
I don't say that in a mean way, it's just that I wonder what you're reasons are lol xD
maybe I can understand Ai, she's quite serious mostly and I do remember when Chisato was like I can't call Airi Ame onna otherwise she gets mad haha
but I don't know Riho enough
soo, for those who voted for them, please feel free to leave a comment to explain^^

Mizuki, Ikuta Erina Yurina and Mai all received a vote each
I honestly think Mai should be higher up!
though I wouldn't know why people find Yurina scary..her height? xD
once again I don't know Mizuki and Ikuta Erina, though I remember in Shugo Chara eggs Mizuki always had a cool and serious expression which I thought was funny as SCE are supposed to be quite genki
I still just find Erina awkward....xD

soo that was interesting! no votes for s/mileage I see, though I think Kanon can be scary sometimes..
I guess there's different types of scary

thanks for voting everyone!
next poll is, Who do you think is the best actress?
please vote!

I thought this video was quite fitting

and of course, no one can be scarier than
the boss himself


  1. I was the one who voted for Yurina. XD XD XD I didn't know who the heck to vote for, so I was just like "tall people scare me, I'll vote for Yurina!" XD Ha, I think in strange ways...

  2. We've found the culprit! No worries haha I think that's the reason we concluded xD