Once Upon a Time

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(When we were young warthogs~)
Like many stories ours began a while back, when we were just little kids. We first met when Risu paid a visit to Usagi, and together they bonded over Lego, however Risu had to quickly depart in pursuit of her Kinderegg. Anyhow..Thus a beautiful friendship was born!
It wasn't until secondary school that we were sucked into the Hello!Project World through Buono! and that was the beginning to our H!P addiction~
Over to Risu

It began with the colourful opening and ending songs of Shugo Chara but only until Renai Rider was I captured by Buono! and I began to follow more of their songs and their album Café Buono, sharing them with Usagi. The magical video was Kiss Kiss Kiss! with the pv being so amazing showing so much energy. This led onto us looking at Berryz Koubou and C-ute. The first video we watched was "Yuke Yuke Monkey Dance" by Berryz Koubou and it was such a hard sight on my eyes and MADAYADE followed afterwards. Much to my dismay, the songs were so catchy I had to have them on my ipod and suddenly before I knew it, Usagi was sharing about 30 Berryz Koubou songs with me.
Back to Usa-chan!

Chotto matte.. it wasn't 30...at first xP
We've grown to love the H!P Kids, especially Buono! Little by little our knowledge about H!P grew and our lives has never been the same since!

So therefore we created this blog to share our thoughts on events and to update others on news about H!P and even help them understand some videos and lyrics but more importantly- as usagi is yelling at me right now, each individual members of each group! And if any of this sounds familiar to you, then yes, it freaked us out too ;P

Kappa Risu and Totoro Usa in a car accident boo ;~;

(Please visit Risu's Deviantart ! I'm an aspiring artist/storyteller-kind of. THANK YOU!)
(I have another one too as of today! -> Risu-chu I'll probably be doing lots more H!P fanart on that haha)

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