Saturday, 10 May 2014

Concert Collabs

Ganbacchae - Berikyuu

aww their first mv appearance!

yurina towers over nakki!
what happened to risakos hair?

and captains outfit pawns

Yeah! Mecha holiday - Yurina/Haruka
they both sing well!
and love yurina's hair in this

fly High - Miyabi/Riho

surprised by rihos voice, she has improved! 
both their outfits are cool

but in looove with miyabi's! perfect for summer
the height different makes it look a bit funny
but awesome perf

Solo Miya!

Feeling nostalgic and going through random H!P vids on YT has led me to these cool vids!

have no idea what this song is. lol really out of the loop
dislike her outfit here 

looove this! her voice is beautiful, i miss hearing it

and this really made me feel nostalgic