Thursday, 30 December 2010

Translations: ♥ With Buono! (Airi ^ヮ^) + NEWS

℃-ute 公式ブログ/Buono!で(あいり) 画像1℃-ute 公式ブログ/Buono!で(あいり) 画像2Good evening ♥
It's Suzuki Airi ♥

From this morning
We did the DVD photoshoot for the Buono! goods ^ヮ^ ♥

It's a place we've went to before but
it was lively
and fun! ^ヮ^

It was a little cold in the location but
we couldn't stop laughing at the place ♥♥

After that
we had the photoshoot at a certain area ♥♥♥

This was fun too ♥ヮ♥
Unfortunately I can't speak about it in detail but
we had fun
shooting in both locations! ♥

But you know!
I had one problem!! ♥ヮ♥
There were dogs in the studio...
I had allergy problems from the number of dogs, *laughs*
.....Ah, even though I have dogs myself ^ヮ^ Wahah

So I had a problem with my nose dripping. *laughs*

I'll use "Nose Gargle" and sleep. ♥ヮ♥ *laughs*
(A type of medicine for allergies and such)

Today was the last day of the year
with the Buono
! members ^ヮ^...

Have a good year ♥♥♥ *laughs*

today we had a big year-end party
on Ustream with C-ute ♥

Although I couldn't appear in it
I appeared on the phone! ♥

It was a pot party
it seemed fun ^ヮ^
I'll definitely come next time! *laughs*

And tommorow
My friends in Hello! Project's
S/mileage is appearing
for a record award! (♥ヮ♥) ♥

Yesterday I spoke with them a little bit but
the four girls in S/mileage
were extremely nervous (>_ <) ♥

Support S/mileage ok?! ♥

Well then ♥
Tommorow I have a recording >w<
I must practice ♥

Good night ^ヮ^


Ah it seems like the only thing I update is about Buono! ne? Sorry sorry! I'm so biased.

So let's start with some news:

Buono! is having 3 new songs in their new single "Zassou no Uta"
The single's tracklist follows with:
1 雑草のうた (Zassou no Uta)
2 青春17回転ロック (Seishun 17 kaiten rokku)
4 雑草のうた (Zassou no Uta) (Instrumental)
(Thank you Chobineko!)

As you can see, they really want support for this single right? THREE new songs! *excited!!!*
Plus, you can tell they're really on a different label now because there are probably gonna be no more instrumentals for the B-sides now

In other news; there is also a possibility of Buono! having their own Youtube channel making all groups (and now a unit) with a youtube channel. Exciting, no?

Now as mentioned earlier by Airi, S/mileage was up for an award remember?
Well S/mileage won the new comer award!
Congratulations!!'s a great start or let's say, end to 2010. Well done S/mileage~
Though I'm a little confused because some sites are saying SNSD won...

Also, Tsuji Nozomi has bore a son named: "Sugiura Seia."
Slightly unusual name to me but it's incredibly cute still, congrats to you bijin mama Tsuji!

 And finally- this isn't very newsworthy but I'd like to say: Grats to C-ute's Okai Chisato who has been getting lots of solo concerts so she's rising in the ranks in H!P too

What a nice end to the year right?

Lots to look forward to new year~ New members to Momusu, Berryz in LA, Buono!'s comeback, C-ute's new single and S/mileage continuing their work too

What does 2011 H!P have in store for us then? See ya~


P.S: UsaTEN's in LA for Christmas/New Years. Too bad not in April huh? Muahahah~

Monday, 27 December 2010

C-ute's new single~ Kiss me Aishiteru

As said on Chisa's GREE post:
And ♥
On the 23rd of February, C-ute's NEW single
"kiss me Aishiteru" is
going to release ( ̄∀ ̄)
It's more adult-like than
Aitai Lonely Christmas ♥
It's a cool song
Chisato likes it~


There you have it! kiss me Aishiteru~ I quite like that title actually
I wonder what kind of song it'll be?
Probably upbeat as usual

Saturday, 25 December 2010

's a little late..for us anyway


From RisusaTEN!

Hope you've all had a wonderful time today and throughout the year too!

Christmas= 10/TEN yeah~

Oh and as a Christmas bonus, the title of Buono's new single is:
Zassou no utawhich translates to: "The song of weed"

WELL. Let's not translate it into English cause it really does sound like it came from a Rock Band.
Just kidding~
I really wonder how this is gonna turn out!?
I keep imagining those string instruments in my head that you hear in like Kabuki or just old Japanese songs (-Asian really)

Ahh can't wait still! -RisuTEN

Friday, 24 December 2010

Polls! What Type of Song do you Prefer?

sorry for lateness ><

Upbeat 80% (32)
Ballad 20% (8)
Total Votes 40

Well the upbeat have it! winning by miles
but really upbeat music is magical, just listening to the energetic beats can get you up and dancing xD
I know it does for me~ expecially upbeat ones are Berryz, Buono!, C-ute and S/mileage
I used to only listen to upbeat songs cause even though in ballads their voices sounds lovely I was kidna impatient xP
but noow, I think I listen to upbeat songs and ballads about the same. because in ballads they can really show off their voices, and maybe it's cause I'm older too, it's more soul..xD
I used to not listen to Goal at all, but nowadays I listen to it at night, particlarly if I can't sleep, yeah I basically use it as a lullaby xD
so I guess I appreciate ballads more

bit of a random poll xD but just wondered

now next poll is
Who is your favourite Morning Musume finalist?
I thought it is very appropriate~
It's gonna end on 2nd of Jan, about same time we know the results^^
I'm very interested in this one
please vote!
and thanks to those who voted last time too^^

Oo for me, this is very hard to decide
I've always liked ballads but I like upbeat songs too.
Really depends on your mood you know?
Except I'm usually always in the mood for ballads.
In my favourite ballads, Goal is definitely one of them. When I first heard it, I instantly liked it and then grew to love it. Then I couldn't listen to it anymore...but then I saw it in concert and I loved it once again~ It's the type of song that makes me want to work harder for my goals!!
Please vote for our next poll~ Thank you

Thursday, 23 December 2010

Morning Musume - 9th Generation Finalists

ahh getting closer and closer! the new members will be announced on 2nd Jan
meanwhile here we have two videos learning more about the finalists
there are 5 in total

First of all..why are they so young? like S/mileage age man xD;
I know Koharu joined when she was 12, but there was more of a range of age within Morning Musume, but herre the oldest Ai's like 23 I think (sorry if you're not) and the youngest, Aika is 17 soon to be 18
yet the finalists are 11-13! that is a big gap!
if they all join, it'll be like half young and half older..weird...

up until like a few weeks ago, I was soooo excited about the new members, wishing they'd be someone who can sing and dance and entertain, to bring Morning Musume back up (they have been going down lately)
but tbh I'm not amazed by these finalists, but I know they're young and just starting out
but normally it's better to expect not so much so you be surprised rather than have high expectations then be disappointed ne? well as I said they're still young and inexperienced, I'm sure they'll improve lots

but it me or their singing isn't great? that kinda pulled me down, since I wanted a member to take up some lines so it's not just Ai/Reina
to me the best singer out of them 5 is Aina
best dancer is Riho
and tbh I'm liking them two more, in that order

Mogi...I think is tooo young, she's having difficulties with the steps and singing, not to be mean, but I don't think she should be in Morning Musume, don't get me wrong, I don't dislike her, but she reminds me of Maiha a bit, like finding it hard to cope, and unless Tsunku's going to favour her, she's just going to be stuck at the back not really getting much. though I think if she gets through she'll be the 'tragic' character, who found it extremely tough at first but got better etc.

xDD Suzuki Kanon, that's going to be onee confusing name, either name, and she'll be confused with another member. I think she looks the cutest, but I don't think she sings well.... when she was singing Aitai Lonely Christmas (excellent song choice ne? xD) she looked so happy, but you're not supposed to be's a sad song..

I've talked about most members, might as well them all
Back to Aina, yeah to me her voice is the best, her dancing is so so, but it's probably easier to get better at dancing than singing, thats what I think anyways. I'd call her my most preferred finalist xD
Riho was in Fashionable, so she has worked with Momusu before, probably gives her a leg up. She shows she dances, and she can probably pick up steps fastest. though sometimes her moves look a bit overdone, she is still waay better than the rest.

Lastly Erina, um I don't have much to say about her.. her dancing is ok, but her singing is...bit off 
though looks and height wise, she'd probably fit in with Morning Musume the most

sooo I wonder who will make it
though, they've taken the time and effort to train all 5 of them... does this mean they all make it?
they've all got a long way to go to match Morning Musume, but I'd prefer if more than one got through, so they won't look left out and young xD
but tbh I don't think all five should
we'll have to seee

Personally I wasn't really that excited for the new members. I guess deep inside I knew they'd bring in chibi members! What about me Tsunku!? I'm at a suitable age D:
For each of the finalists I'll say:

Erina...when she sang I was like o_O;
Suzuki Kanon was a little show off-y to me but in a way it shows she's pretty confident at least. She also makes me laugh because her name is Suzuki Kanon and to me she looks a bit like a Mano xD
Riho, the first thing she said was: My stomach really hurts. (or maybe she's really nervous) but it made me laugh. Her dancing made me laugh too-so furious! though she seems the cutest so far.
Mogi Minami kinda annoys me already
Aina's not bad I suppose.

What a way to advertise Aitai Lonely Christmas eh? I love that song anyway so I don't care~
So out of all of them, my favourite is Riho though she's 12. I'd be very surprised if she didn't get in actually. They seem mostly suitable to be eggs though! Wouldn't it be wise to give some of the H!P eggs a chance to become Morning Musume? unless they did get one ahah.


Tuesday, 21 December 2010

~Magical Future -Berryz Koubou preview

Magical future out!!
I mostly liked the instrumental bits actually as the tune doesn't seem that catchy
but it seems like I'l have to listen to it more to get a hold of it
overall I do like this new song though ^_^



Much better than I expected, and I prefer this to Shining Power
also love how Masaa, Captain and Chi got quite a few lines~~

Sunday, 19 December 2010

Berryz Kobo - First concert in US!

OMG! Wah! Can't believe it! I'm really happy, cause this means they're promoting them more! and they can get more attention
I think they're performing an anime convention...Sakura Con

but it's in Seattle and it'll be in April 2011
Go Berryz!

More info here

however I heard that when Momusu went to America, they were treated quite badly, like the american bosses looked down on them..
well I certainly hope they don't do that to Berryz
but I'm sure they can hold their own anyways^^

Omg please take me to Seattle someone : ( Berryz!!
This is amazing news though! I'm so proud of Berryz! Making it to the states!!!
Who knows who might be next after Berryz too!?
Lucky American fans ^_^ you better go enjoy Berryz as much as you can~


Friday, 10 December 2010

S/mileage - Zombie

xD randomly came across this

xD we only properly see two members... thought Ayaka looked really cute in this
they dressed like farmers I thought xD

Buono! - Sneak Peeks

as we see from Airi's post, the new outfits are black and white
now we see from Miya a bit more^^

xD Miya doesn't hide them as well as Airi
oh well better for us I guess
they kinda remind me of Co no michi and Best Buono ne

♥ Buono! once again (Airi -Airi

℃-ute 公式ブログ/またまたBuono!(あいり 画像1℃-ute 公式ブログ/またまたBuono!(あいり 画像2Good evening ♥
It's Suzuki Airi ^ヮ^

after I went to school
I had a photoshoot with Buono! ♥

By the way
It's also the goods for
Next years live in February and such you know? ♥♥♥ (♥ヮ♥)

A Rock feeling and
one that's not really rock
we took those two parts but ♥

A considerably good feeling?? ♥ *laughs*

I want you guys to be able to see them quickly ♥

Look forward to the
complete costumes ♥♥♥

Wait for it yeah?~ T~T ♥♥♥

Picture 1
Tsuji Nozomi-san finished her scene so she came
The staff came and brough us...
The bread Tsuji-san hand made!! ♥ヮ♥
It was delicious ♥♥♥

As expected of Tsuji-san...♥♥♥

Thank you very much ♥


Picture 2

Thanks for waiting!! ♥ヮ♥
A picture of the three members of Buono! (♥ヮ♥)♥

Hahan ♥♥♥

Aren't we cool?~ ♥ *laughs*

That was short sorry >_<

I have to get up early tommorow so
I'll sleep ♥ T~T

Goodnight ♥


Yaaa Buono!~ it does look Rocky indeed.. I might like Momo's hair the most here but ahhhh...ahh... Buono! in ponytails is cuuute ^__^ I wonder if this is for the goods then for their concert! 10/TEN-RisuTEN
(On another note, Mai went to see Maasa's movie! Jeaaalous~ I wanna seee)

~Buono! New costume clues~

Miyabi: Thank you for watching the USTREAM everyone ♥ Here's a 3 shot of Buono! Look forward to the complete costumes of ours ok? Tommorow I'll upload another picture I took today! ♪ Goodnight

Airi: Today of the Two shots~ First is Momo~ and with Miya ♥ In Miya's serend, she's put a 3 shot of us so check it out!!


Ahhhh they look cute in all pictures~ But I definitely like the last two more!! -RisuTEN

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Translations: C-ute's Blog- ♥ Buono! (Airi ^ヮ^) -Airi

℃-ute 公式ブログ/Buono!(あいり) 画像1℃-ute 公式ブログ/Buono!(あいり) 画像2℃-ute 公式ブログ/Buono!(あいり) 画像3
Good evening ♥
It's Suzuki Airi ^ヮ^

Today the date ended up changing again T~T

I'm sorry >_< ♥

Alright, today
was continuing with Buono! work ♥

First of all was
the photoshoot ♥♥♥

Iyaa, the rock that's been a while (♥ヮ♥)♥ *laughs*

The costumes have an amazing black and white feeling
I really can't talk about it but
I have a premonition it'll be finished
in a way we haven't had until now ♥ *laughs*

Look forward to it, look forward to it~ ♥♥♥

And today I thought...

Is Buono! with these three people isn't it ♥

When I look back
It's been about three years
since our formation~...♥ (♥ヮ♥)

Actually thinking about it, I wonder if it's been three and a half years?? ♥

Naturally we've only had deep experiences from the subject but (?)
Because two of us would learn things and
three of us have piled up a lot
of things so...^ヮ^ ♥

We'll do our best from now on ^ヮ^ ♥

It's no good for anyone doing it by themselves! (♥ヮ♥) ♥

Yeah. ^ヮ^

Ah, that's the same for C-ute too ♥ ^ヮ^

Picture 1
Today's makeup ♥
It has a bit of a misty feeling ♥
I usually use brown shadow but
Today I was allowed
to try out grey ♥

The day after tommorow the two of us will have a photoshoot so
we'll do our best ♥♥♥

And right right ♥
I knitted a scrunchie but
today I finished it! ♥
I love knitting wool ♥ (♥ヮ♥),
This knitting wool had gradation
and I knitted it changing the colours
in the way I wanted ♥

Monochrome is cute isn't it~ ♥

Well then!!
We'll do our best tommorow too~


Instead of doing my Japanese essay...ahah! I thought you'd guys would maybe enjoy a post about Buono!~? I think this time, it's gonna be really rocky don't you!? 10/TEN -Risu

S/mileage - Shortcut Cutshort

they did it.. they finally did it..
Yuuka and Ayaka have joined the dark side! xD
no i kid, they just cut their hair short..lost love maybe? xD

For some reason I find this funny, because now they all match, as if they aren't always together now they look the same too xD;;

is it just me or don't Yuuka AND Ayaka look like Maeda Atsuko from AKB48? maybe Yuuka is related, with same surname and all...and Ayaka just looks a bit like her here...

I think it looks quite nice, but it's still funny now they all have the samish hair....
Yuuka and Ayaka didn't do much with their hair anyways, so I won't really miss their average dead straight hair. I thiiink it suits Yuuka more, she looks older now.
but now I doubt S/mileage will have much different hairstyles at all...

why do they always do things together? First both Kanon and Saki cut their hair short, now both Yuuka and Ayaka get the same haircut...
is there anything they don't do together xD

Friday, 3 December 2010

Morning Musume - 9th Generation Audition Preview

wakuwaku I'm so excited for 9th gen! recently it seems Momusu have dropped and AKB48 are climbing up =.= so H!P needs to step up!

xD some voices are funny, I swear one seems like they had helium!
wow with the backflip!
though sadly from there I don't see anyone I could vouch for, but this is just previews I guess

I really want at least ONE new good person, and with good I mean, interesting, talented at singin and dancing and if they look cute too that's a bonus

though it seems recently I think Tsunku's more interested in looks...
but I want a new singer to mix up the Reina/Ai vocals a bit, and preferrable with a good voice!

Translations: Seishun Mugen Power- C-ute

The infinite power of youth

Asa me ga sameta toki
Yoru datta
Aa yada
Nesugita Nesugita na
One Day

Benkyou yama hatte
Teiki shiken
Atatta Atatta na
One day

Seishun nya Mugen no Pawaa
Seishun nya Mugen no Pawaa

Suki na hito iru toki
Ichiban shiawase de
Shitai koto ga aru toki ga
Ikiteiru shunkan

Daisuki na hanjuku no
Aa yada
Tochuu de tsubureta na
One day

Hoshikatta ano fuku ga
Hangaku seeru
Sokuza ni katta no da
One Day

Seishun nya Mugen no pawaa
Seishun nya Mugen no pawaa

Mamoru hito iru toki
Subete ni muteki
Nayami koto aru hito mo
Ningen no shoumei

Seishun nya Mugen no pawaa
Seishun nya Mugen no pawaa

Mamoru hito iru toki
Subete ni muteki
Nayami koto aru hito mo
Ningen no shoumei


One day
The time I woke up in the morning
It was at night
Ahh oh no
I slept too much, ahh I slept too much

One day
I was stuck to a pile of work to study
for my regular exams
and I properly
hit right on the mark, right on the mark

The infinite power of youth
The infinite power of youth

Of course
When I’m in love with someone
There are times where I want to
be living in the moment
with the things that make me happy the most

One day
The soft boiled sunny-side-up fried eggs
that I love
Ahh oh no
I broke it as I was making it

One day
Those clothes I wanted to buy
was on a half price sale
I bought them right on the spot

The infinite power of youth
The infinite power of youth

Of course
When there’s someone I’m protecting
and there are people that have
all of those troubles you can’t fight against
they are proof we are human too

The infinite power of youth
The infinite power of youth

Of course
When there’s someone I’m protecting
and there are people that have
all of those troubles you can’t fight against
they are proof we are human too


I enjoy listening to this song too though I'd say I preferred the last two b-sides more than this but it's still a pretty decent song. For some reason, I mostly hear Nakkii's voice in this...infact some of the lyrics to me just reminds me of Nakkii anyway. I remember when I first heard that "sale" part of the song and it made me laugh. Enjoy your song of youth! 7.5/TEN -RisuTEN

P.S I put the romaji lyrics up because I haven't seen any site with the romaji yet

Translations: Aitai Lonely Christmas- C-ute

Airi Chisato Mai Nakki Maimi

I miss you on this lonely Christmas

Even though I want to see you, even though I miss you

Hey, I want to see your face just a little bit
Will I be able to spend Christmas with you I wonder?
This is the first time I felt like this

The time I spend talking to you on the phone right,
it’s become shorter little by little
Why am I such a coward
For some reason I can only wait

I’m only, only lonelyEven though I’m deceiving, I like you, I like you
Even when I try to forget about you, I like you I like you I like you
But convince me in that way to
believe and I’ll wait for you

Even though I miss you, without opening my mouth,
I shut off my phone last night
Even though I smile
as I buy a Christmas present, I’m sad

Even though I said it was nothing
It got out to my mum a little it seemed
The truth is that I want to open up and cry
What should I do?

I’m only in a horrible place
Even though I try to sum up all of my energy, it’s impossible, it’s impossible
All of you is precious to me, I like you, I like you, I like you
But you know, it’s really difficult and I get weakwhen the phone rings at those times

Even though I want to see you, even though I miss you
Hey, I want to see your face just a little bit
Will I be able to spend Christmas with you I wonder?
This is the first time I felt like this

I just miss you, I just miss you, I just miss you! It’s just that I just miss you
It’ll be ok if I could try and be spoiled by you for just a small time of Christmas

Even though I want to see you, even though I miss you

Hey, I want to see your face just a little bit
Will I be able to spend Christmas with you I wonder?
This is the first time I felt like this


Oooh I really do love this song after all. Such a sweet and sad song for Christmas. Their vocals are really good in this song too in my opinion, Airi of course is usually amazing for me but I really love Mai's voice here too ^_^ Well it's just as well because in C-ute, those two are my favourite singers. I think aitai can be seen as I miss you or I want to see you but in a way they kinda have close meanings anyway. Well however you guys want to see it! Hope you guys will be able to have a wonderful Christmas~ 10/TEN -RisuTEN

Translations: Chotto Samishii na -Berryz Koubou

 Saki Momoko Miyabi Chinami Kumai Maasa Risako
Ah I'm a little lonely

Ah I’m a little lonely, I want to go and meet you and see you
Ah I’m a little lonely, I’m low on love and affection
Love you!

I’m dreaming of this world
Everyone was jealous
That girl was going
to that place and such

Speaking of which
At the beginning I only just saw
a little bit of your face and
I was so happy that
it was enough for me but

Ah I’m a little lonely, I want to go and meet and see you
Ah I’m a little lonely, I’m low on love and affection
Love you!

This world flutters
Everyone wants to boast about it
I’ll try and blog about that
new shop I went to

Speaking of which
There was a time last week
Why didn’t one word
come out of you even though
you could see the tiredness in my face

I have
happiness after all, I'll go try and meet and see you
This is happiness after all, I want to feel love and affection
Love you!

This is happiness after all, I'll go try and meet and see you
This is happiness after all, I want to feel love and affection

This is happiness after all, I'll go try and meet and see you
This is happiness after all, I want to feel love and affection

This is happiness after all, I'll go try and meet and see you
This is happiness after all, I want to feel love and affection
Love you!


Ah I love this song but mostly because of the little instrumental parts like the guitar and the piano at the beginning but it's really nice to listen to, it kinda makes me happy but sad too. Very nice B-side though the part that ruins it for me is those random background voices that are like.. in every song. They sometimes make songs and sometimes they ruin them for me xD; What are they saying!? Praise your happiness!? I don't understand I don't understand... 8/TEN -Risu

Translations: Shining Power- Berryz Koubou

Shining Power

 Saki Momoko Miyabi Chinami Kumai Maasa Risako
The you I admire is coming The you I admire is comingI want to show a good side of myself!

You’re waving to me from a distance
Alright let’s start!
Alright let’s shine!
Because you’re here My power overflows!
The two layered lunch you made
just those fried dishes
are dazzingly so much
Though I looked around at all of my friends’ lunches
Mine was the best!
It had perfect appeal
Today was one amazing day
It felt like I had won
Your voice I admire Your voice I admireIt’s vibrating the sports ground!
A crisis has come to take me downAlright here’s your chance!
Alright don’t stumble!
Because you’re hereI’m not scared!
The two layered lunch you madeThere’s only a little bit of rice
although I’m biased
more than the high class food floors lunchesMine was the best!
The flavour of youth
I’ll go strongly in the afternoon because
The future is here
The two layered lunch you madeThere’s only a little bit of rice
although I’m biased
more than the high class food floors lunchesMine was the best!
The flavour of youth
I’ll go strongly in the afternoon because
The future is here


This isn't my favourite Inazuma Eleven song but I still like this song a lot. It's another fun song to sing and the "bentou" parts always make me smile. I was pretty late translating this song sorry!! although I learnt that the food floors in Japanese department stores are usually held in the basement. I'm not quite sure what to think of that hah. Enjoy~ 8/TEN RisuTEN

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Polls! What is your favourite Japanese name in H!P

Sorry for my lateness >< but I know this was gonna be a long post, and it'll take time to write it (time is something I haven't go much of lately, gomen)

Airi 32% (30)
Chisato 14% (13)
Momoko 13% (12)
Miyabi 9% (9)
Ai 5% (5)
Reina/Maimi/Chinami 3% (3)
Eri/Sayumi/Saki/Risako 2% (2)
Risa/Aika/Linlin/Masaa/Mai/Erina 1% (1)
Junjun/Yurina/Ayaka/Yuuka/Kanon 0% (0)
Total Votes 92

This was pretty hard, with so many nice names, and often when you see the name, you'd think of the member ne
Airi clearly won here! it is a really cute name afterall, I always say it was Ai-rii~ and I remember from an interview Airi said her parents gave her that name hoping she'll be loved by everyone, something like that. and she is isn't she xD

Chisato juust beating Momoko here, for me I personally prefer Momoko over Chisato, for Chisato, I just say Chisaa (I'd say Chii, but that'll be mixing it up with Chinami)
I love how you can do a lot with the name Momoko, like her photobook names xD Momo no mi, Momo OK etc

Next Miyabi~ yaay Miyabi, I really like this name and this miight be cause I'm biased, but it is a lovely name, meaning Elegance and can shorten it to Miiyaa~ an overall cute name, and I come across less names ending with 'bi', so it's rarer, and I like rare names

Ai, simple name meaning love in case you don't know. It's a lovely word (same in chinese) but for me names like Ai and Mai are plainer, so I'd prefer Airi and Maimi, cause it's more interesting

I actually love these names Reina, Maimi and Chinami, in that order too xD Reina is extremely cute, I can't really explain it further though... 'Maimi' realllly suits Maimi, beautiful dance. descirbes her well I think.
Chinami's a cuute name, and especially with Chii I always think of it as a happy name xD

From the 2% names, I like Eri and Risako more, I've liked Eri from the manga School Rumble xD and I like the sound of Risako, and it has pear in it! xD
Saki is quite common in H!P, normally the names aren't that repetitive, but here there's 3! I think I prefer the switched round version Kisa better (furuba~) I hardly say Saki, unless for Ogawa, because I normally call them Captain and Nakki, cause I find that easier and cuter.. dunno why xD

long list now
oh yeah I meant to say, I know Linlin and Junjun aren't exactlyy proper Japanese names, but I can't not include them xD
anoo, out of Risa/Aika/Linlin/Masaa/Mai/Erina I don't have a favourite here, guess just doesn't appeal to me as much, but I always think of Riii~n Rii~n~ when I see Linlin xD

I quite like the name Yurina, and Kanon sounds cuute. Yuuka's actually quite common, Yuuki definitely is.

I told you it'll be long! xD and I'm not quite finished yet
here are my favourites
Miyabi, Reina, Airi, Yurina, Risako
out of them top favourite is probably Miyabi, again I dunno if it's cause I'm biased or not, but it is a nice name.

sadly though japanese names only sound good when Japanese people say it, or people putting on a Japanese accent. Because unless you know how to pronounce it, it'll confuse people. I've often thought of how my english friends and english people would say the names. They'd just say it wrong xD; often teachers who see pupils names for the first time get it completely wrong xD;
Airi would probably become Airy
Maimi would be Maim me (very bad! xD)
etc etc
if you feel up to it, show your friends these names and see how they pronouce it xD

but um thanks for reading if you have got this far, and thanks for voting<3
next poll is What type of song do you prefer? only two choices here unlike the long list last time xD
please vote^^


Ohhh I'm sorry I'm going to make this even longer! So I'll try to shorten it as much as I can

For me.. I wonder if I'm being biased too? but I have my reasons..

My favourite name out of the ones on this poll here is Airi!
This is just because although I'm mainly thinking of the Romaji, I just have this sort of attachment to names
that begin with A and I prefer Japanese names that aren't plainly 3 syllables too but kinda hidden. A-i-ri to Ai-ri~ Plus, it's such a cute name to say.. Airi~ Airi~n and I also have this thing with names ending with "ee" too. I've noticed this when I'm trying to find names and such... It just sounds way too cute and I can associate the "ri" with Risu too which makes me happy~

And so.. the other names I'm quite fond of: Chinami, Maimi, Miyabi, Aika, Reina

Chinami sounds pretty and cute too to me but also the abbreviation of "Chii~".. you just have to say that with a smile honestly! Though I think names beginning with Chi reminds me of some King of Fighers (?) character who was all ghost like-y or something but then again, her name might have been Chihiro or something.
I like Maimi too because I think the "mi" at the end of the Mai makes it sound really cute too.
I like Miyabi mostly because of it just being one kanji yet it means elegant~ which is really pretty actually!
Well this is based on names anyway but I like the name Aika cause it's kinda different and I've never heard of the name Aika before although now it reminds me of some song Ika Ika or something from Just Dance 2 and I kinda just associate the name Aika with a bad prescence.. (just kidding!)
I also like Reina but this is probably because of my love of Rena/Reina from Higurashi no naku koro ni.

Lastly... I love the name... Kumai! Kyah.
Ok it's not a first name but Kuma+i ahhh too cute.

Please vote on the next poll then~