Friday, 3 December 2010

Morning Musume - 9th Generation Audition Preview

wakuwaku I'm so excited for 9th gen! recently it seems Momusu have dropped and AKB48 are climbing up =.= so H!P needs to step up!

xD some voices are funny, I swear one seems like they had helium!
wow with the backflip!
though sadly from there I don't see anyone I could vouch for, but this is just previews I guess

I really want at least ONE new good person, and with good I mean, interesting, talented at singin and dancing and if they look cute too that's a bonus

though it seems recently I think Tsunku's more interested in looks...
but I want a new singer to mix up the Reina/Ai vocals a bit, and preferrable with a good voice!

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