Wednesday, 8 December 2010

S/mileage - Shortcut Cutshort

they did it.. they finally did it..
Yuuka and Ayaka have joined the dark side! xD
no i kid, they just cut their hair short..lost love maybe? xD

For some reason I find this funny, because now they all match, as if they aren't always together now they look the same too xD;;

is it just me or don't Yuuka AND Ayaka look like Maeda Atsuko from AKB48? maybe Yuuka is related, with same surname and all...and Ayaka just looks a bit like her here...

I think it looks quite nice, but it's still funny now they all have the samish hair....
Yuuka and Ayaka didn't do much with their hair anyways, so I won't really miss their average dead straight hair. I thiiink it suits Yuuka more, she looks older now.
but now I doubt S/mileage will have much different hairstyles at all...

why do they always do things together? First both Kanon and Saki cut their hair short, now both Yuuka and Ayaka get the same haircut...
is there anything they don't do together xD

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