Thursday, 23 December 2010

Morning Musume - 9th Generation Finalists

ahh getting closer and closer! the new members will be announced on 2nd Jan
meanwhile here we have two videos learning more about the finalists
there are 5 in total

First of all..why are they so young? like S/mileage age man xD;
I know Koharu joined when she was 12, but there was more of a range of age within Morning Musume, but herre the oldest Ai's like 23 I think (sorry if you're not) and the youngest, Aika is 17 soon to be 18
yet the finalists are 11-13! that is a big gap!
if they all join, it'll be like half young and half older..weird...

up until like a few weeks ago, I was soooo excited about the new members, wishing they'd be someone who can sing and dance and entertain, to bring Morning Musume back up (they have been going down lately)
but tbh I'm not amazed by these finalists, but I know they're young and just starting out
but normally it's better to expect not so much so you be surprised rather than have high expectations then be disappointed ne? well as I said they're still young and inexperienced, I'm sure they'll improve lots

but it me or their singing isn't great? that kinda pulled me down, since I wanted a member to take up some lines so it's not just Ai/Reina
to me the best singer out of them 5 is Aina
best dancer is Riho
and tbh I'm liking them two more, in that order

Mogi...I think is tooo young, she's having difficulties with the steps and singing, not to be mean, but I don't think she should be in Morning Musume, don't get me wrong, I don't dislike her, but she reminds me of Maiha a bit, like finding it hard to cope, and unless Tsunku's going to favour her, she's just going to be stuck at the back not really getting much. though I think if she gets through she'll be the 'tragic' character, who found it extremely tough at first but got better etc.

xDD Suzuki Kanon, that's going to be onee confusing name, either name, and she'll be confused with another member. I think she looks the cutest, but I don't think she sings well.... when she was singing Aitai Lonely Christmas (excellent song choice ne? xD) she looked so happy, but you're not supposed to be's a sad song..

I've talked about most members, might as well them all
Back to Aina, yeah to me her voice is the best, her dancing is so so, but it's probably easier to get better at dancing than singing, thats what I think anyways. I'd call her my most preferred finalist xD
Riho was in Fashionable, so she has worked with Momusu before, probably gives her a leg up. She shows she dances, and she can probably pick up steps fastest. though sometimes her moves look a bit overdone, she is still waay better than the rest.

Lastly Erina, um I don't have much to say about her.. her dancing is ok, but her singing is...bit off 
though looks and height wise, she'd probably fit in with Morning Musume the most

sooo I wonder who will make it
though, they've taken the time and effort to train all 5 of them... does this mean they all make it?
they've all got a long way to go to match Morning Musume, but I'd prefer if more than one got through, so they won't look left out and young xD
but tbh I don't think all five should
we'll have to seee

Personally I wasn't really that excited for the new members. I guess deep inside I knew they'd bring in chibi members! What about me Tsunku!? I'm at a suitable age D:
For each of the finalists I'll say:

Erina...when she sang I was like o_O;
Suzuki Kanon was a little show off-y to me but in a way it shows she's pretty confident at least. She also makes me laugh because her name is Suzuki Kanon and to me she looks a bit like a Mano xD
Riho, the first thing she said was: My stomach really hurts. (or maybe she's really nervous) but it made me laugh. Her dancing made me laugh too-so furious! though she seems the cutest so far.
Mogi Minami kinda annoys me already
Aina's not bad I suppose.

What a way to advertise Aitai Lonely Christmas eh? I love that song anyway so I don't care~
So out of all of them, my favourite is Riho though she's 12. I'd be very surprised if she didn't get in actually. They seem mostly suitable to be eggs though! Wouldn't it be wise to give some of the H!P eggs a chance to become Morning Musume? unless they did get one ahah.


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