Wednesday, 31 October 2012


One of the reasons why I haven't been so updated on H!P is that it's so hard to find their stuff!
like where are all their concerts?
I remember the days when I could easily find their DVD magazines and lives (subbed as well!)

The reason I'm saying this now is, I stumbled across a Berikyuu concert, which happened to be their second concert, which I was soo excited about. but now completely forgotten, due to lack of news.
unfortunately I can't find the whole concert, but I will post some links below (click on the song)

I'm liking the berryz ver!
but seriously, why did they have to wear the most awkward costumes to dance in for this song?
the costume coordinator or whoever made a serious boo boo there
also miya singing airi's parts, miyairi love

I like how the lines are quite even

Kirai de Kirai de Kirai de

mai really stands out with her jumper!

Seishun Gekijou

love their voices together~

Jet Coaster Medley

DEEP MIND/ bye bye bye/ yuke yuke monkey dance

Monday, 29 October 2012

Risako Karaoke


Only You - Chisa to Airi

see what I did there?... with the title? xP

they are rocking this song!

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Berryz Blogs

yay! at last Berryz all gets a blog!
it seemed like everyone had one apart from them! (the s/mileage staff even had one for goodness sakes)
but yes, now can keep up to date with everyone^^

Click name for Official Blogs 
Click translations for Translated Blogs

Thank you sooo much to blog!projects for their efficient translations and hard work!
perhaps I shall reblog some posts here if they are amusing
but everyone check them out!

Furusato - MiyAiri

ahh my two favourite voices~^^
should be posting these next fews days, mainly short posts. but be sure to check them out

Saturday, 27 October 2012

DIY Forest For Rest MV Making

I really think Forest For Rest is a better title than, Fore Fore Forest for Rest..

but anyways, can't wait for the mv! H!P hasn't been releasing much, hence lack of posts
the mv doesn't look too cheap! which is always a good thing
it also seems to have some random scenes, like in a moving car..?
but they included the main thing, a forest! or sort of. but i'm glad they shot outside
the Yajima ame onna made me smile
lots of cute moments

Friday, 26 October 2012


C-ute has re-recorded some of their songs :O
I was so so excited when I heard this, their line-up has changed a lot, so I was really interested to see what they will do, here are two of their new versions, and as always I recorded my reactions

Ookina Ai de Motenaishite
wth, was my reaction when the new tune played
and when they started singing
why why why why why? the auto tune sounds so out of place!
I know they're older with more mature voices so I guess it wouldn't be the same anyway, but this makes it worse
and I'm not a fan of the new tune they added's pretty random
and I don't hear airi at all, which is a surprise
but yeah..nothing beats the original

Masaara Blue Jeans
omg, its a different song! the beginning is so different lol
but this isn't as bad as the ookina ai new ver, it's alright actually
but I guess I still prefer the original, it sounds more genki, and I remember love watching this live cause I just love the energy! (the chorus dance is funny and awkward though)

and since i'm feeling nolstalgic
it seems in their recent performances they don't dance the beginning bit =(

p.s. Airi's new drama Piece is now airing, I'm considering watching this, cause it looks good. I can't quite understand the storyline, it seems a bit sad though. if anyone is watching this, please let me know how it is

Sunday, 7 October 2012


am quite impressed!
I think she is my favourite 10th gen
it used to be haruka, but haruna was a close second anyway
her fringe looks so much better now! 

LOOL "Don't miss it when we are slappin' our bottoms"
dear oh dear
and I actually did miss it 

Friday, 5 October 2012

Loving You too much Berryz

i really love this mv! probably as much as the original
love the colours and how natural it is
love chinami pulling the popper (or whatever it is) at the woo!
watching the videos definitely made me like the song more!

Wakuteka Take a Chance mvs

Another ver

Dance ver

still not liking the song, some parts were ok but altogether its like a mishmash
out of the three versions i've seen the dance is probably my favourite 
but did you see the munasawagi dance? :O
it's halloween themed right? i think it'd be cooler to release it on 10/31 or the day before
but i don't know if halloween is really big in japan

morning musume really has changed so much! i can't help thinking reina kinda looks out of place here...
i wonder would she graduate momusu when she's in her band but stay in H!P? 
i think she should, she's my momusu fave member...but I think she'd shine much better on her own
besides she has been in momusu for a good amount of time
plus I think they should give haruka some more lines