Friday, 5 October 2012

Wakuteka Take a Chance mvs

Another ver

Dance ver

still not liking the song, some parts were ok but altogether its like a mishmash
out of the three versions i've seen the dance is probably my favourite 
but did you see the munasawagi dance? :O
it's halloween themed right? i think it'd be cooler to release it on 10/31 or the day before
but i don't know if halloween is really big in japan

morning musume really has changed so much! i can't help thinking reina kinda looks out of place here...
i wonder would she graduate momusu when she's in her band but stay in H!P? 
i think she should, she's my momusu fave member...but I think she'd shine much better on her own
besides she has been in momusu for a good amount of time
plus I think they should give haruka some more lines

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