Monday, 20 May 2013

Berryz & C-ute - Single Previews

this is Berryz other double A Side
Sayonara Usotsuki no Watashi
I prefer Golden Chinatown still
it's ok...maybe I'll like it better after the mv comes out. there's no climax, which they normally have after the second chorus.
I don't understand why tsunku loves giving Risako the high notes (like her Nee at the start), she has a LOW voice...
Out June 19th

Adam to Eve no Dilemma
from just the title alone I was really interested
this isn't a HD version
but I'm already taking a liking
can't wait for it to actually come out! suuch a cool tune
Out July 10th

Saturday, 18 May 2013

Usa's Blog

ok I know this isn't H!P related, but it's sorta jpop? (not really sure if its kpop or jpop)
I'm actually a big kpop fan (was more before) and especially since H!P went pretty quiet for awhile and many of the older gens leaving, I ventured into kpop.

I had wanted to post about kpop before but wanted to make this strictly H!P
but you know what, lets mix it up a bit!
Risu might think it's strange (but tbh I dont think she'll ever find out, she's gone awol)

but I've had this stuck in my head now and wanted to share it
oh my H!P link is, this is who Kumai looks up to! (I can totally see her in this mv)

Shoujo Jidai - Love & Girls

So catchy I love it
plus how many men in drag can you spot? lol
SNSD is one of my fave groups

this is just a one off thing
maybe one day I'll make a blog that'll include all my favourite music (american, korean, japanese whatever) I dunno

Friday, 17 May 2013

Berryz Kobo - Golden Chinatown

So Berryz next single is a double A side
one of them being Golden Chinatown
when I first heard the name, I didn't have high expectations, I dunno the name didn't appeal to me. but after hearing a radio rip, I'm quite excited for it.

Now there's a clear version from when they performed it at a concert
Starts at 2:00
Love Miyabi's kirameku~~
line distribution is also good

also I should add after seeing their costumes for it, it made me more interested.
they show some on their blogs

I only watched that song, so maybe their other A side is in that video too

what is Risako's hair colour..?
Kumai's working it!

C-ute - Kanashiku Heaven

Separate Versions!



Love this song.
it's really interesting to hear the separate versions
normally one would sing harmony and the other melody right? but it sounded like they were alternating to me. must be confusing to sing.

Chisa's vocals really shine in this song