Sunday, 31 March 2013

Oda Sakura - S/mileage Audition

randomly came across this
how she's changed!
I dont think I remember her from the auditions
but I'm glad she's in Morning Musume, I think the group suits her voice more
hope she gets a lot of lines!

Juice=Juice - Watashi ga Iu Mae ni Dakishimenakya ne PV

I liked the sound of this new unit when I first heard about it
I'm glad Karin is in something! she totally rocked the smileage auditions
and I see a lot of talent in the group, for one I know Karin, Aina and Sayuki can sing really well

I like the trumpet instrumental! and I like their energy in the dance
this song was a lot more catchy for me than the MM double A sides
it has a 'fresh' jpop feel (fresh juice haha..ok lame I know)
I hope Tsunku keeps this unit as it is, and no swopsies, as he likes to threaten.

I think they have a lot of potential. but if they want to compete with other young idol groups, they definitely need better PV sets, I mean they're wearing white, and they have a white/grey backdrop? at least mix it up a bit
but then again official H!P groups have cheap plain PVs, can't expect too much

also I remember when Tsunku first announced their name Juice=Juice...
no duh! so silly... what's next happy=happy? girl=girl? potato=potato?
the reason behind the name isn't bad, 

The unit’s name stands for “just-harvested”, “freshly-picked”, “fresh”, “natural”, “100%”, and “just-squeezed”. Tsunku♂ named it with his hope that, “I want this unit to stay fresh, and be comprised with full of each of their unique individualities.”

reading some comments, apparently Osaka people like to repeat words twice, hence the name
but I don't think there's any need to make the repeat official, and the equal sign will be dropped anyway, in the end they'll just be saying 'JuiceJuice desuu.'
juice=juice=unnecessary decoration imo

he wants them to be natural, so why not 100%Juice? au Naturelle? or why not just JUICE, which I think is more effective

anyways, I wish them the very best!

more info about members and video

Morning Musume - Kimi Sae Ireba Nani mo Iranai PV

might as well make a post about the other PV

ok I take back what I said about Brainstorming having too much autotune....
and what are they wearing? it reminds me of pyoko pyoko ultra...some of their dresses looks like it has tails, the tassles dont help
and Haruka's cap really doesn't match! Reina's hat isn't great either
once again. hire new costume designer!

they don't do a very good job in showing all the members, there was a lot of Ayumi, but I forgotten Haruna was even in MM, heck I didn't even see Sayumi much. I know its a big group, but come on
(also 12th gen auditions...seriously?! I know there'll be a void without Reina, but you haven' t even given the recent gens much of a chance to shine)

Haruka, Sakura and Mizuki deserves more lines I think, they have nice voices and more stable than Ayumi and Riho. and Mizuki and Haruka have had more training too.

so MM's next single is a double A side with this and Brainstorming
Brainstorming is much better imo
there wasn't really any melody changes, or any melody at all...just auto tune
definitely not one of my fave singles

Morning Musume - Brainstorming PV

wow! the thing that impressed me most, was the subs! 
yes! bravo to whoever decided to add them!
I can't wait for more H!P pvs now!

ok back to the actual video
I feel like H!P needs to hire new costume designers, it seems like it's the 10th time I've seen these outfits...
I feel the song has a bit too much autotune to my liking, and there isn't really a part that grabbed me.
Masaki's voice impressed me actually, and I wish Sakura got some other lines, I didn't feel like her two lines showed off her singing well, also not a great fan of her hairstyle
Ayumi's hairstyle reminded me of Reina's old hair

Saturday, 30 March 2013

H!P 15th Anniversary Live Documentary (ENG)

omgosh! something is subbed?
must watch!
aww Miya

Saturday, 16 March 2013

Rock n Buono 4 Final Stages

some past performances I found

Ice Mermaid
I really like this Bsides, even though Buono! B sides are always amazing, this was a great contrast to natsu dakara

My Boy
this is such an epic song!
awesome performance as well
great way to end a concert


Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Lets Dance!

awesomeness starts from 2:00

they totally rocked!
and from the clips, the lil girls did too

I wish captain got a chance to dance like this more often!
she totally owned the stage! you could see she loved every second
and airi was awesome with dance de bakoon

ah I miss seeing Berikyuu on shows, (it'd be even better with sub but y'know)
sad that all their stuff has been taken down, and you can hardly find any new stuff

Ayaka vs Airi

Not sure what the challenge was
but it was pretty entertaining

Saturday, 9 March 2013

C-ute - Crazy Kanzen no Otona PV

the song isn't very catchy to me, after I listened to it, I completely forgot the tune
and is it just me, or the first shot of Airi's closeup looked like Wada Ayaka?
they sure like red check a lot!
I'm not too fond of their overall outfit, it's too much (or really too little)
but I do like their jackets
not their best single imo
but as usual they all look stunning especially nakki and mai (is she wearing extensions?)


I remember I used to always fall asleep listening to this~
such a soothing song
Berryz has a variety of different voices, and they blend together well

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Best of the Best

wow I swore I posted up this performance..? but I can't find it
anyhoo, I found a longer one
I really love these performances! they're pretty recent I'd say
and they totally rocked it, listening to that hatsukoi opening always makes me happy
I'm thankful for sashihara rino for inviting them! they deserve more recognition
if you haven't seen it already, definitely watch it!

I find if funny how Miyabi's also wearing pigtails!

Heavy Rotation
it's nice seeing all these different groups performing together
and woo miya at the front! repping H!P~
I think this perf tends to get taken down, so watch while you can

also I think this is the first time Miya and her cousin from AKB got to perform together, isn't that sweet

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Buono! - Concert Rips

These are from their 2012 Pizza Delivery Concert Tour, they each had a solo stage
these are the concert rips

Miyabi - Blue Sky Blue
definitely not her best performance, but it is nice at certain parts

Airi - My Alright Sky
ahh I really enjoyed this!

Momoko - Urahara
I like how they slowed this version down for a solo
this is one of my favourite songs, it's very captivating 

I can't wait for the concert to be up, but I dunno when that'll be...
I always consider buying Buono! concert dvds, but I want to listen to it first. 
ones which I hope to get one day are; We are Buono Concert, those vocals are saikou! 
and then Rock n Buono 2, though I dunno how easily attainable that is...
hybrid punch was pretty good too

Sunday, 3 March 2013

Buono! - Outfits

how I miss them x3

credit to crunchyroll Buono group
Buono! being the wonderfully talented idols they are, designed their own outfits!
ja jaan!




Momoko's really suits her, love the gothi loli look

and I love love Airi's guitar top!
did she get the Hat from miya? xD

and as for Miyabis...
I was wondering what her top was supposed to be..
then I realize it's a rabbit!
and with the skirt as well
it's alice in wonderland theme!
so cute!

wish there's more pictures ><
which outfit is your fave?

C-ute Kono Machi Review

Kono Machi
tbh, this could be one of those extra pvs from a video. it was really plain!
and why couldn't they actually go out to those places, rather than use a weird grid screen?
and this was a cover song as well, so I think it'd been better if it was an album song rather than a single.

the single reminds me of kimi wa jitensha, even the costumese are similar
I like mai and nakki's hair tho

also this reminds me of buono's Co no michi
they even use those walking machines xD

I prefer Maimi's song

it's cute they made her sing the Ame song, being the Ame onna and all xD


Berryz Kobo - Asian Celebration Review

Since I've been doing reviews, might as well do some more...with Asian Celebration
I quite liked the name of this single

the video itself, isn't that interesting, meaning typical H!P pv
lots of lights, and it really does remind me of dakishimete x2
the song is catchy, but not one of their best, but I think it gets better as it goes along

costumes were ok, but I think it'd be nice if they had a change, where they had different outfits as well. but of course that would require more money!
I'm not fond of miyabi's bun hair
on the other hand love risako and captain's hair
and yurina just looks cool

Risu mentioned (when she watched this ages ago)
that she thinks they should have lots more people in the video, and yeah that'd be nice
since it's supposed to be a pa-pa-party song


Berryz Mansion 9 Kai review

suddenly felt like I needed a big berryz dose, it all started when I happened across this video
felt very nolstalgic, then I went and watched some of their mv's in full, and made me love their songs again. in particular, I really love the tomodachi wa tomodachi nanda, pv! I think it's one of the best videos, it has a story! and how it went back a forth a bit in time. and also the beautiful beach scene. if you forgot about it, here you goo

and then I went on, to look at all their songs
and I saw that their latest album is out! but I shouldn't be surprised really, since I kiinda stopped following Hello!Pro sadly. but I thought hey ho might as well check out their songs, (I always pray for a miya solo each time). aand then I saw there are some videos! sadly I can only find Miyabi and Risako's ver...but I'm sure the rest are there somewhere. anyway it's for the song...

Succha ka Meccha ka~
Risako Close up

Miyabi Close up

I have to say Risako looks stunning!
these must have been shot a long time ago, with Miya's dark hair.
the song is pretty cute

so I thought might as well check out all the songs

duet with Momoko and Yurina
quite like the instrumental, and I like overall sound
and they're good singers

Nandakanda de Ii Kanji!
duet with Chinami and Masaa
I just knew this would be a fast and upbeat song, I always think energetic with Chinami xD
I'm happy they have a duet together, they need the chance to sing more, masaa especially

Koi Itoshiki Kisetsu
I think one of my favourites so far. I like the tune of this song
reminds me of sailor moon a bit...I dunno why

Be Genki! 
I thought to watch this mv again, since it's been awhile and I haven't watched it much
I like the song itself, esp the chorus
but for the video, even though the rooftop scene looks really pretty. I felt like they coulda done so much more with the pv.

Massugu na Watashi
soo this is the ballad of the album
there's one line where chinami sounds like she's shouting it, lol sounds a bit out of place
I'm wondering, after Risako sings the last line, Massugu ni, whose voice is it doing the adlib? cause it'd make sense if its Risako, but it sounds like Miya...

Cha Cha Sing
this is just an awesome song, nuff said

Anata Nashi de wa Ikite Yukenai
ahh! lovee this, I think it'd be great if they sang more of their old songs
and this sounds so similar to the original one
(unlike c-ute's weirdly done up ver)
masaa rocks this one

Momochi Yurushite Nyan Taisou (Yurusanyai Remix)
I never really liked remixes anyway
this reminds me on nyan cat
..I just can't rate this one...

did you like the Berryz album?