Sunday, 31 March 2013

Juice=Juice - Watashi ga Iu Mae ni Dakishimenakya ne PV

I liked the sound of this new unit when I first heard about it
I'm glad Karin is in something! she totally rocked the smileage auditions
and I see a lot of talent in the group, for one I know Karin, Aina and Sayuki can sing really well

I like the trumpet instrumental! and I like their energy in the dance
this song was a lot more catchy for me than the MM double A sides
it has a 'fresh' jpop feel (fresh juice haha..ok lame I know)
I hope Tsunku keeps this unit as it is, and no swopsies, as he likes to threaten.

I think they have a lot of potential. but if they want to compete with other young idol groups, they definitely need better PV sets, I mean they're wearing white, and they have a white/grey backdrop? at least mix it up a bit
but then again official H!P groups have cheap plain PVs, can't expect too much

also I remember when Tsunku first announced their name Juice=Juice...
no duh! so silly... what's next happy=happy? girl=girl? potato=potato?
the reason behind the name isn't bad, 

The unit’s name stands for “just-harvested”, “freshly-picked”, “fresh”, “natural”, “100%”, and “just-squeezed”. Tsunku♂ named it with his hope that, “I want this unit to stay fresh, and be comprised with full of each of their unique individualities.”

reading some comments, apparently Osaka people like to repeat words twice, hence the name
but I don't think there's any need to make the repeat official, and the equal sign will be dropped anyway, in the end they'll just be saying 'JuiceJuice desuu.'
juice=juice=unnecessary decoration imo

he wants them to be natural, so why not 100%Juice? au Naturelle? or why not just JUICE, which I think is more effective

anyways, I wish them the very best!

more info about members and video

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