Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Buono! - Concert Rips

These are from their 2012 Pizza Delivery Concert Tour, they each had a solo stage
these are the concert rips

Miyabi - Blue Sky Blue
definitely not her best performance, but it is nice at certain parts

Airi - My Alright Sky
ahh I really enjoyed this!

Momoko - Urahara
I like how they slowed this version down for a solo
this is one of my favourite songs, it's very captivating 

I can't wait for the concert to be up, but I dunno when that'll be...
I always consider buying Buono! concert dvds, but I want to listen to it first. 
ones which I hope to get one day are; We are Buono Concert, those vocals are saikou! 
and then Rock n Buono 2, though I dunno how easily attainable that is...
hybrid punch was pretty good too

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