Sunday, 3 March 2013

Berryz Kobo - Asian Celebration Review

Since I've been doing reviews, might as well do some more...with Asian Celebration
I quite liked the name of this single

the video itself, isn't that interesting, meaning typical H!P pv
lots of lights, and it really does remind me of dakishimete x2
the song is catchy, but not one of their best, but I think it gets better as it goes along

costumes were ok, but I think it'd be nice if they had a change, where they had different outfits as well. but of course that would require more money!
I'm not fond of miyabi's bun hair
on the other hand love risako and captain's hair
and yurina just looks cool

Risu mentioned (when she watched this ages ago)
that she thinks they should have lots more people in the video, and yeah that'd be nice
since it's supposed to be a pa-pa-party song


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