Saturday, 30 July 2011

Berryz Kobo - Aa Yoru ga Akeru Longer PV Preview

the setting looks good
I'm glad there's more money spent xD;
really love Miyabi's hair

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Berryz Kobo - Aa Yoru ga Akeru CM


Buono - Gomennasai Miyabi

is what the producers should say to Miya for making her wear the wig..
xD ok it wasn't that atrocious

but worry not guys

Miya had an image change again!

dyed hair and shorter fringe^^

I'm pretty sure she did it for the film~
for Buono's sake <3

so hopefully no more wig^^
what do you guys think of her new look?

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Berryz Kobo - Aa Yoru ga Akeru PV Preview

omg! I freaked when I say this, cause I didn't see the preview part...xD
oh well I'm sure we can expect it soon

we only get to see one shot of the pv, and to me it's like a ballad pose 
also it really reminds me of very beauty! I love that single, so not too much of a bad thing xD

sorry for lack of updates, the last week of school was pretty hectic =.=
but yeah summer holidays now! bring on the dramas xD

it's too short for me to rate it, so I'll wait^^

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Translations: Ice Mermaid -Buono!

Airi Miyabi Momoko

Ice Mermaid

Taiyou ga karan de kuru matsuwari tsuku you na kousen de
Yake ta suna no ue de shakunetsu no koi wo kanade mashou

Demo watashi wa koori no you
Ai wo uke karada tokashite wa anata wo mitaseru kara
Onna nara aisuyori aisareta imo no
Sukitooru omoi kanjite hoshii

Uchiyoseru namima ni nokoru shiro sa ni
Jounetsu to kairaku to sabishisa ga afureteiru

Anata ni aisarete sugata kaete mo
Omoide to kono natsu wo wasurenai de
Bukiyou na hodo ni massugu aishiteru kara atsuku tokashite

Tsukiakari no yoru ni fukai umi no soko hikaru mono
Koboreochi ta namida aitai omoi ga uzumaku no

Demo watashi wa koori no you
Ai no nukumori mo samashite wa anata wo tameseru kara
Onna nante kantan da to iwasenai mono
Tsukinukeru omoi kanjite hoshii

Dakiaeba anata no ude no ato kara
Sukoshi zutsu sukoshi zutsu tokete yuku kizukanai de

Anata ni aisarete sugata kaete mo
Omoide to kono natsu wa oboete ite
Kagayaki wa nokoru awai nami no sugata de anata no soba e

Uchiyoseru namima ni nokoru shiro sa ni
Jounetsu to kairaku to samishi sa ga afureteiru

Anata ni aisarete sugata kaete mo
Omoide to kono natsu wo wasurenai de
Bukiyou na hodo ni massugu aishiteru kara
Atsuku tokashite
Atsuku tokashite
Atsuku tokashite


Let’s play our scorching love on the baked sand
with the sun that’s entangled with its rays attached to it

But I’m like ice,
I satisfy you with my body that melts as I take in love, you see
as I’m a woman, I want to be loved more than I love
I want you to feel my feelings that have become transparent

On whiteness remaining after the waves wash ashore
is my passion, my pleasure and my loneliness overflowing

My figure that was loved by you is changing too
I won’t forget my memories and this summer
I’m loving you so awkwardly and honestly so I’m melting hotly

The things that are glittering at the bottom of the deep sea from the night’s moonlight
are swirling along with my spilled tears of my thoughts of wanting to see you

But I’m like ice
I’ll test you by cooling down the warmth of my love, you see
I’m a woman so there are things I can’t tell you easily
I want you to feel my thoughts that shoot you

If we embrace each other, because it’ll leave a mark on your arm
I’ll slowly and slowly go and melt it, I hope you won’t notice it

My figure that was loved by you is changing too
I’ll remember my memories and this summer
the remaining radiance over the shape of the light waves, towards your side

On whiteness remaining after the waves wash ashore
is my passion, my pleasure and my loneliness overflowing

My figure that was loved by you is changing too
I won’t forget my memories and this summer
I’m loving you so awkwardly and honestly so I’m melting hotly
I’m melting hotly
I’m melting hotly


Ahhhh I really love this song too! It makes me think of some sort of cool hero theme tune haha.. It's another one of those songs that gets me pumped up! 10/TEN-RisuTEN

Translations: Natsu Dakara- Buono!

Airi Miyabi Momoko

Because it's summer!

Itsumo itsudatte doko ni ita toshite mo
Subete PURASU ni kaete miseru nante ieru natsu DAKARA!
(Blue blue blue sky) Negau yo (Blue blue sunshine) Ashita wo
(Blue blue blue sky blue blue sunshine)

Kono miune no MOYAMOYA tachi nyuudougumo no you ni
Ame wo sasoi nakidashisou dayo
Hisashiburi dane DORAIBU anata nanika wo kanjite
DASSHUBOODO no KYANDI wo kureta no

Kaze ni tonjauyo fuusen
Chanto motto kitsuku furishimete

Itsumo itsudatte doko ni ita toshite mo
Sora wo miagete omou koto wa isshou de itai yo ne
Anata furimuite doko ni ita toshitemo
Kimi no mirai wo mitsumeteiru kono Cocoro wa sora ni aru
(Blue blue blue sky) Omoi wa (Blue blue Sunshine) Hitotsu sa
(Blue blue blue sky blue blue sunshine)

Atte kara juugofun de nanika otona ni nacchata yo
Omou koto no hanbun mo iezu ni

Jama wo shitakunai kimochi to
Jama shitai kimicho takatteta

Itsumo itudatte doko ni ita toshite mo
Kaze ni fukarete omou koto wa isshou de itai yo ne
Watashi doushita no konna wagamama dakke?
Iya na onna ni nacchaisou kono Cocoro wa natsu dakara?

(Anata ga inai to watashi ga irarenai
Anata ga inai to watashi janaku naru
Anata ga inai to ikite dekinai)

Jama wo shitakunai kimochi to
Jama shitai kimicho takatteta

Itsumo itsudatte doko ni ita toshite mo
Sora de KUROORU shitakurai waratteitai yo ne
Konya san jitsugetsu ni futari koshikake tara
Yurari yurarete asayake made kono Cocoro wa natsu dakara?
(Blue blue blue sky) Omoi wa (Blue blue Sunshine) Hitotsu sa
(Blue blue blue sky blue blue sunshine)


Always and whenever, wherever too
Because it’s summer, I can say that I’ll show you a positive change to everything!
(Blue blue blue sky) Please! (Blue Blue Sunshine) Tomorrow
(Blue blue blue sky blue blue sunshine)

These upset feelings in my chest, it’s like clouds of thunder
I cry out, calling on the rain!
A drive I haven’t done for a while, you were feeling something out
and you gave me candy from the dashboard

Flying through the wind with a balloon
You need to hold on to it more tightly

Always and whenever, wherever too
As I look up at the sky, the thing I think of is “I want to be together with you”
Wherever you turn your head to too
In this heart, there is a sky with me gazing at your future
(Blue blue blue sky) My thoughts (Blue Blue Sunshine) there is only one
(Blue blue blue sky blue blue sunshine)

Within 15 minutes after meeting up with you, somehow I ended up becoming an adult
Expressing only half of my thoughts
With my feelings of not wanting to bother you
I fought with my feelings of wanting to bother you
Always and whenever, wherever too
with the wind blowing me, the thing I think of is “I want to be together with you”
What should I do? Why am I this selfish?
It looks like I’m becoming a no good woman; do I have this heart because of summer?

(When you’re not here, I can’t be
When you’re not here, I’m not myself
When you’re not here, I can’t go on)

With my feelings of not wanting to intrude
I fought with my feelings of wanting to intrude

Always and whenever, wherever you are too
I want to smile because I want to do the crawl stroke in the sky so much huh
If we were sit down tonight for three days and nights
We can sway slowly until we see the morning glow; do I have this heart because of summer?


Sorry I'm so inactive lately.. I don't really have much excuse really ayah.. anyway this is another one of those H!P songs where... I don't really understand what it's about ahah but one day I'll get a revelation and realise what it's actually about because it's no good translating something when you don't actually understand! Otherwise~ I love this song so so much. 10/TEN -RisuTEN

[Edit: Colour coded and I did realise what it meant after all haha)

Monday, 18 July 2011

Polls! Who do you want in S/mileage?

Ribbon #801/Miyamoto Karin #3002/Otsuka Aina #3004 28% (19)
Takeuchi Akari #3005 32% (16)
Tamura Meimi #13 26% (13)
Nagazawa Wakana #3008 10% (5)
Mogi Minami #3001 8% (4)
Takagi Sayuki #3007 4% (2)
Katsuta Rina #3003/Kaneko Rie #3006 2% (1)
Total Votes 49

Wow a three way tie!
I see Ribbon aka Itou Chiyuri is a fave amongst many and Karin too
I'm surprised with Otsuka Aina, where was the love when she auditioned for Momusu? xD
tbh I think Momusu fits her better, so I wouldn't say she's my fave for S/mileage, though I don't mind.

I've already said that Chiyuri, Karin and Akari are my faves
and I'm glad they are many others too~

Now we'll just have to wait for the verdict
thanks for voting!~
Next poll is about Buono's new single!
Which song do you prefer?
I really want Buono! to do well, because I think they are better than many of the idols out there, talent and looks wise xP
but they're just not known enough.
I mean they beat AKB once I remember, so there's hope minna!
spread their word! support Buono!
anyhow please vote :D

Buono! - Gomennasai Photo

Here we have a little preview of how they'll look
and I'd have to say the most dramatic difference is Miyabi's hair

I wonder why she had to have black hair
and her wig reminds me of Cleopatra...xD

it took me a bit to get used to
after all she hadn't had black hair for like years
hopefully the wig looks better on screen
not that its really bad, just I think not fitting her face enough

Thursday, 14 July 2011

~Buono! -Ice Mermaid Preview

Ahh! I love it...
It reminds me of some sort of superhero theme tune. The superhero Ice Mermaid? Ahah.. I think they make a pun out of “Aisu” (Ice) and “Aisare” to love or something. I was doing my ICT work at the same time so I wasn’t concentrating too much haha. But really, I love this B side a whole lot! Another great release by Buono! I can safely say for me <3

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Birthday! SAY-U-♥-MI

13th July

Happy 22nd Birthday!
Otanjoubi Omedetou Gozaimasuu

wow 22nd already!
and your face hasn't changed a bit!
timeless beauty

I'd say you're one of the popular H!P members
please continue to promote H!P~

and I think everyone will agree
you can't deny she's cute

hope you have a wonderful dayy
and a successful year


Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Berryz Kobo - Aa Yoru ga Akeru Covers


Limited A

Limited B

Limited C

Is this Berryz? xD
at first I thought AKB xD;
are they wearing nightgowns?

the covers are pretty, but I don't think it quite suits the song..
if it was a slower song then maybe

but lets get to the changes!
firstly, OMG Risako dyed her hair!
my first reaction
so so so unexpected!
I thought she didn't like it when she had brown hair...
She's known to me as raven haired like Masaa
but its nice either way, just not too fond of her fringe

and Yurina cut her hair!
as she ever had it this short since debuting?
she's always had the same hairstyle pretty much
but its nice^^ not too dramatic but a refreshing change

and it looks like Miya changed her hair again
is it me or is there like red/pink at the ends of her hair?
is it the light? it looks darker anyhow xD

Think I like Limited C the best
the swings are cute
then regular

Chii and Masaa's hair especially stand out to me
very pretty ^w^
but the other hair accessories are nice

I guess if they are wearing nightgowns its sorta relevant
as the title is Aa break of Dawn
so it matches the title
but not the song itself xD;

Birthday! Iku~TARGET

7th July

Happy 14th Birthday
Otanjoubi Omedetou Gozaimasuu

wow 14!
soo young xD

sorry for uber late post
but for some reason when I was searching for Ikuta Pictures..
I found none! (on her own)
but noow they're loads *mumbles*
plus I couldn't think of a post name xP

tbh I don't know much about you
but I always think of you as the awkward pigtailed girl xD;
though I see in photos you've improved

hope you had a lovely day!!
may this year be successful for you and Momusuu

PS I've always liked your name Ikuta
probs cause it reminds me of Ikuto from Shugo Chara<3 xD
but yeah it's a cool name



Buono! - Partenza Photo

wow, for some reason, it took me a few seconds to recognize them xD
there's something about the photo, it looks more stunning the more I look xD
from the first glance I didn't think much, but now it's grown on me

I love how their colour of their clothes are blending in to each other
loove Airi's and Miya's jacket
but I think Momo's expression is the best

xD it's funny here Miya is taller, but normally Airi is
dunno why I find that amusing but yeah xD

I guess their hairstyle here is now they're Buono ones
though both Risu and I think Airi should ditch the cornrows xD

Ahhhh I love their outfits here ^_^ 
For some reason...when I look at it...
I think of thin crusted vegetarian pizza! OwO!
Might be the little accessories and colours...
or I'm just weird.
Anyway~ Love ittt

S/mileage - Auditionee Ribbon

xD and silly me thinking it was her real name....
some fans have done quite a bit of research on her...

Name: Itou Chiyuri
Age: 13

Though the interesting thing is that she is currently in a group called 'DELUXE COLOURS!' under the company AVEX, where she's one of the main singers from where I take it
she's the second one to sing

I'd say she's pretty perfect for H!P, her singing is good, and I'm sure it'll improve. However atm it's unsure if she has a contract with the Avex Artist Academy, which she's in, if she does then she maay be disqualified. but I hope not, I'm taking quite a liking to her.

EDIT: Buono! to star in movie! 'Gomennasai'

"The film, which was adapted from a popular mobile horror story, will feature Suzuki Airi (17), Tsugunaga Momoko (19), and Natsuyaki Miyabi (18) as high school students who get dragged into series of paranormal experiences.
Speaking on their breakthrough roles as actresses, the members of Buono! expressed, “We are astonished to think that all three of us would ever be featured in a movie.” They added, “We believe that the audience would be surprised at the last scenes of this work,” promising an interesting ending to the film.

They will also be in charge of the theme song for this movie."

credit to tokyohive

More info
Hidaka Yuka - Suzuki Airi
Kurobane Hinako - Nastuyaki Miyabi
Sonoda Shiori - Tsugunaga Momoko

"The story starts when Shiori is unable to beat the talented Hinako in a test, and she begins getting harassed about it. Hinako is later forced to write the script for a play that will be performed at the school festival, but from that point on, people around them begin to mysteriously die one by one."

It's the novel writers real story, Airi will be the 'writer' and narrator of the story

credit crunchyroll buono


I freaked when I saw this
they're in a movie! together!
soo happy^^
I hope they can get more popular from this
and they get to sing the ending song :D
it's a horror yet again, but oh well, I didn't expect them to get anything
so can't be too picky
though it'll be cute if they had a cafe xD
I MUST watch this

PS I thought it'd be easier if I put the information together and update the post rather than repost it, so the info's together
but yeah I'm looving the character roles! they suit them so well!

I could barely believe it when I read this!
but...another horror movie.. what the..
well it's ok! I just want to see Buono! act together oh my~ it's going to be gooooood

Monday, 11 July 2011

H!P Kombos

they really are best friends <3
anyway found some cute photos to share

and extra ones

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Polls! What do you think of Tsunku?

when I was a young warthog...

He's one scary dude... 39% (21)
He's gone mad! 30% (16) 
I have faith in him! 16% (9)
Pure Genius! 13% (7)
Total Votes 53

xD well for me I thought all of these categories
when I first saw his picture I thought, he's one scary dude... his skinny face and sour expression, and weird hair xD
but after I grew to love H!P kids I thought this man's a Pure Genius! how did he know they'll all grow up to be so talented and beautiful? they were so young at t the time
but now with all the new decisions, such as kicking off Linlin and Junjun, new gen in S/mileage...I think he's gone mad..
but I dunno whether to have faith in him...I'll just have to hope I guess xD

anyways thanks for voting guys!
sorry I haven't updated in so long ><
the new poll will be on the S/mileage auditions 'Who do you want in S/mileage?'
check out the post I made
it's actually quite interesting even if you're not a S/mileage fan, well I thought so anyways
and I'll try and update quickly

S/mileage - Auditions

There's some clips from the auditions

Apparently these two here are the faves from people who've seen the auditions
Number 13 was in the Shugo Chara Musical with S/mileage
but tbh I find her voice annoying xD;
but I have a feeling he may choose her =.=
On the other hand I quite like 801, she seems really cute, and Ribbon is such a cool name!

'H!P Eggs'
I recognize quite a few
Mogi has improved! but I don't see her fitting into S/mileage well xD; not her character I think
I love Karin! and I used to find her annoying too..xD but she really shone here, I used to call her the overenthusiastic big eyed girl xD
I recognize Otsuka Aina too, though I think she should do her hair better, it looks like she just rolled out of bed xD; and I thought she did better in the Momusu auditions
Maimi's cousin, Takeuchi Akari did well too I thought, her voice is quite different, not fond of her hairstyle, but other than that very good.

So overall my favourites are
Ribbon, Karin and Akari, I may like S/mileage more if they were in it, even though I still think it's unfair on the original S/mileage

I wonder when they'll join
so who do you like? comment^^

Berryz Kobo - Aa Yoru ga Akeru Radio rip

wow and I thought this was a ballad..
it's funky and different
but I think it'll grow more on me
I can tell the distribution isn't the best...but at least it's not just Miya and Risako
but love Miya's high notes^^
I wonder what the PV will be like

At first I liked the intro but the rest of the song isn't really that catchy but
this will also be another song that'll have to grow on me I bet too


Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Natsu Dakara- Buono! PV

Ok...I'm completely conflicted by this...!
Let's start with the PV setting.
I'm really too much of a fan of the setting because it's not that interesting and I feel like they should have gone to an Aquarium or something for this song haha.
The outfits are cute and my favourite white dress is Miyabi's but that whole scene of them just bopping along looks pretty awkward.
Miyabi had a really cute moment though ith the "wagamama" line! I completely squealed at how cute she was...
but most of all....
O_o;;; uhhhh........ 
I completely loved Airi through all of this because she's so pretty.. soo cuute... voice is so great...
but...why was the camera on her like 80% of the time! 
What happened!? Why have they messed up the line distribution?
Poor Miyabi.. she didn't really get a chance to shine at all which is such a shame because Miyabi's voice is one of the best for calm songs because her voice is so sweet. 
Airi had a looot of lines and Momo at least got to shine for the end before they were going to do the line distributions like Bravo Bravo or something or Koucha so they each get have their own parts -although even in Koucha Airi had an extra chorus.

Well I'm not one to complain about line distributions because I always believe the best singers for a song should sing the most anyway if it will make the song good but... I guess I'm just disappointed that we didn't even get to hear much of Miyabi and Buono! is one of my favourite groups because of the equal distribution... I-mean... Miyabi hasn't even become centre again even though it should be her turn again surely?

Wao this turned into a big rant but o-oh well... I looooooove the song anyway! >_<


well after I read Risu's comments I didn't have high hopes for the PVbut as Risu said it's not the first time Airi gets more, there's also Rottara Rottara

though to be fair the PV is quite cute, at least they had some outside scenes
but it's still on the cheap side =/

xD and being extra I've calculated the lines
Momo and Miya both get four
Airi gets five and an extra speaking bit

it's better than most distribution, but it could be better
I mean do they think just cause Airi has that extra verse more people will buy it?
if thats the case, they're underestimating fans

but overall it's quite special single, because it's more mature
not the usual genki H!P releases, and it sets them apart
I am a little bit saddened that I don't get to hear Miya more, as she's my bias

but it's more noticeable here.
and I think it's unfair if they give it to Airi cause she's the best singer, cause thats based on opinion
Miya and Momo do sing just as well, and for me I like Miya's voice best
she does hit those high notes well xD

hopefully next time they'll make it up
but Buono Forever!