Monday, 18 July 2011

Polls! Who do you want in S/mileage?

Ribbon #801/Miyamoto Karin #3002/Otsuka Aina #3004 28% (19)
Takeuchi Akari #3005 32% (16)
Tamura Meimi #13 26% (13)
Nagazawa Wakana #3008 10% (5)
Mogi Minami #3001 8% (4)
Takagi Sayuki #3007 4% (2)
Katsuta Rina #3003/Kaneko Rie #3006 2% (1)
Total Votes 49

Wow a three way tie!
I see Ribbon aka Itou Chiyuri is a fave amongst many and Karin too
I'm surprised with Otsuka Aina, where was the love when she auditioned for Momusu? xD
tbh I think Momusu fits her better, so I wouldn't say she's my fave for S/mileage, though I don't mind.

I've already said that Chiyuri, Karin and Akari are my faves
and I'm glad they are many others too~

Now we'll just have to wait for the verdict
thanks for voting!~
Next poll is about Buono's new single!
Which song do you prefer?
I really want Buono! to do well, because I think they are better than many of the idols out there, talent and looks wise xP
but they're just not known enough.
I mean they beat AKB once I remember, so there's hope minna!
spread their word! support Buono!
anyhow please vote :D

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