Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Natsu Dakara- Buono! PV

Ok...I'm completely conflicted by this...!
Let's start with the PV setting.
I'm really too much of a fan of the setting because it's not that interesting and I feel like they should have gone to an Aquarium or something for this song haha.
The outfits are cute and my favourite white dress is Miyabi's but that whole scene of them just bopping along looks pretty awkward.
Miyabi had a really cute moment though ith the "wagamama" line! I completely squealed at how cute she was...
but most of all....
O_o;;; uhhhh........ 
I completely loved Airi through all of this because she's so pretty.. soo cuute... voice is so great...
but...why was the camera on her like 80% of the time! 
What happened!? Why have they messed up the line distribution?
Poor Miyabi.. she didn't really get a chance to shine at all which is such a shame because Miyabi's voice is one of the best for calm songs because her voice is so sweet. 
Airi had a looot of lines and Momo at least got to shine for the end before they were going to do the line distributions like Bravo Bravo or something or Koucha so they each get have their own parts -although even in Koucha Airi had an extra chorus.

Well I'm not one to complain about line distributions because I always believe the best singers for a song should sing the most anyway if it will make the song good but... I guess I'm just disappointed that we didn't even get to hear much of Miyabi and Buono! is one of my favourite groups because of the equal distribution... I-mean... Miyabi hasn't even become centre again even though it should be her turn again surely?

Wao this turned into a big rant but o-oh well... I looooooove the song anyway! >_<


well after I read Risu's comments I didn't have high hopes for the PVbut as Risu said it's not the first time Airi gets more, there's also Rottara Rottara

though to be fair the PV is quite cute, at least they had some outside scenes
but it's still on the cheap side =/

xD and being extra I've calculated the lines
Momo and Miya both get four
Airi gets five and an extra speaking bit

it's better than most distribution, but it could be better
I mean do they think just cause Airi has that extra verse more people will buy it?
if thats the case, they're underestimating fans

but overall it's quite special single, because it's more mature
not the usual genki H!P releases, and it sets them apart
I am a little bit saddened that I don't get to hear Miya more, as she's my bias

but it's more noticeable here.
and I think it's unfair if they give it to Airi cause she's the best singer, cause thats based on opinion
Miya and Momo do sing just as well, and for me I like Miya's voice best
she does hit those high notes well xD

hopefully next time they'll make it up
but Buono Forever!



  1. i agree with most of this, miya is indeed my favourite aswell. i'm also kinda sad that, once again, there is no dance version. fingers crossed for a dance in their next mini-album!

  2. Has anyone else notice that Miya hasn't been in the center or lead buono since her scandal?