Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Berryz Kobo - Aa Yoru ga Akeru Covers


Limited A

Limited B

Limited C

Is this Berryz? xD
at first I thought AKB xD;
are they wearing nightgowns?

the covers are pretty, but I don't think it quite suits the song..
if it was a slower song then maybe

but lets get to the changes!
firstly, OMG Risako dyed her hair!
my first reaction
so so so unexpected!
I thought she didn't like it when she had brown hair...
She's known to me as raven haired like Masaa
but its nice either way, just not too fond of her fringe

and Yurina cut her hair!
as she ever had it this short since debuting?
she's always had the same hairstyle pretty much
but its nice^^ not too dramatic but a refreshing change

and it looks like Miya changed her hair again
is it me or is there like red/pink at the ends of her hair?
is it the light? it looks darker anyhow xD

Think I like Limited C the best
the swings are cute
then regular

Chii and Masaa's hair especially stand out to me
very pretty ^w^
but the other hair accessories are nice

I guess if they are wearing nightgowns its sorta relevant
as the title is Aa break of Dawn
so it matches the title
but not the song itself xD;

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