Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Buono! - Partenza Photo

wow, for some reason, it took me a few seconds to recognize them xD
there's something about the photo, it looks more stunning the more I look xD
from the first glance I didn't think much, but now it's grown on me

I love how their colour of their clothes are blending in to each other
loove Airi's and Miya's jacket
but I think Momo's expression is the best

xD it's funny here Miya is taller, but normally Airi is
dunno why I find that amusing but yeah xD

I guess their hairstyle here is now they're Buono ones
though both Risu and I think Airi should ditch the cornrows xD

Ahhhh I love their outfits here ^_^ 
For some reason...when I look at it...
I think of thin crusted vegetarian pizza! OwO!
Might be the little accessories and colours...
or I'm just weird.
Anyway~ Love ittt

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