Sunday, 10 July 2011

Polls! What do you think of Tsunku?

when I was a young warthog...

He's one scary dude... 39% (21)
He's gone mad! 30% (16) 
I have faith in him! 16% (9)
Pure Genius! 13% (7)
Total Votes 53

xD well for me I thought all of these categories
when I first saw his picture I thought, he's one scary dude... his skinny face and sour expression, and weird hair xD
but after I grew to love H!P kids I thought this man's a Pure Genius! how did he know they'll all grow up to be so talented and beautiful? they were so young at t the time
but now with all the new decisions, such as kicking off Linlin and Junjun, new gen in S/mileage...I think he's gone mad..
but I dunno whether to have faith in him...I'll just have to hope I guess xD

anyways thanks for voting guys!
sorry I haven't updated in so long ><
the new poll will be on the S/mileage auditions 'Who do you want in S/mileage?'
check out the post I made
it's actually quite interesting even if you're not a S/mileage fan, well I thought so anyways
and I'll try and update quickly


  1. Waiting for quite a while for you to mention the result.

    Because I vote it too "He's one scary dude" LoL

  2. i really think tsunku's been making pretty bad decisions the recent few years especially junjun and linlin >.> IMO worst decision ever...i really hope he looks for a vocal powerhouse for 10th gen...and i really really hope eri comes back!