Tuesday, 30 November 2010

S/mileAGE - Smiling through the ages

Past, Present and Futures





gosh, I might not be too big a fan of S/mileage, but I'm a huuge fan G/rannyage

I think they took the baby and granny pictures for an event of theirs...? shiranai..
their granny pictures are honestly epic, Ayaka's typical granny, but the rest are sooo funny! xD
when I saw Saki's I just thought of monkey xD
if you didn't see Saki's baby bottle one might think S/mileage were in hospital clothes...xD
funniest S/mileage thing ever, had me laughing a while

just for laughs

I'll leave you with Ogawa-Obaba
she really does pull the funniest faces..xD

Sunday, 28 November 2010

C-ute Seishun Mugen Power

We haven't posted this yet right?
This was my first time I heard it and I liiike it! it seems like the song to cheer me up!
Although I'm not a fan of songs where they sing together throughout, I like solo parts after all
The tune is good though~

What do you guys think?


Oh this is something extra I found xD

This made me laugh a lot! Oh silly Maimi. She tried to take Chisa's lines in another video too but is stopped by Maimai and Chisa xD

I found it especially funny because of the lines they were trying to sing.

When Maimi gets told to move, she sings: No no I don't understand being purehearted
*she moves*
Airi *laughs*: No no simple things are boring
Maimi: It's all about how you feel
Airi: No no *laughs* (tries to say: Don't stop the music) I'm sorry!

Check out the other videos on the side ^__^

Saturday, 27 November 2010

Usaa's Video Corner! 39 ~KumaiCHO

xDD being tall is generally advantageous imo
like you can reach for higher things, and spot people easier
but also as always it has its disadvantages..
xD aww Kumai <333

Usaa's Video Corner! 38 ~ARIGATOU

this. is. the. cutest. thing. ever!

I actually cannot describe how cute this is, the little cards and their actions~~
at first I thought it was a fanmade video, but no an actual PV!
It really does make me happy when I find something like this, it's like finding gold! xD
I looove pvs ><
and if they had a pv like this for an actual single, I'm sure everyone would love it, cause it's the natural berryz having fun^^

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Airi -> Risu

A-a-a-a-airi... being...a squirrel (risu) eating a donguri (acorn)

TwT Kanshin kanshin...

This has made my day... ♥

So we have a bunny Miya and a squirrel Airi kyaaa RisusaTEN are happy people


eh, you beat me to it! xD;
but perks to being subscribed to their channel

Berryz Kobo - BLOGSPAMM 2

Here we go again~


Saki's Bday!
from Miya
from Momo
yay Captain!

Berryz and Nocchi

Captain's Dog again

Typical Chii and Food Combo

Chi again

Chi's dog


Love Risako's hair

Momo's Drawing

Masaa's Dog

Cute Masaa~
she should have her hair like that more!

Momo's Drawing


Momusu guests

Scary Berryz xD


Yurina's Dog


Tuesday, 23 November 2010

C-ute - Concert/Event is outt~

but I can't watch it yet >< ahh mouuu
must get work done..unfortunately
but I wanted to share it with everyone, in case you don't know


Looks so good!!
hopefully I can watch it on the weekend!
but I thought maybe it could be a role reversal

like for those who watch it first, can recommend to us what is good and give their review etc xD
it'll be nice and much appreicated~ we love to know your comments

ano..sorry bit confused whether it's a concert or event now xD;

Risu...TEN...is sooorrrryy


I have to apologize to you guys way too much \(_ _;)/
Well I'm not just sorry for missing out on all the news
but I haven't been able to translate daily for the C-ute blogs
and you guys are probably missing finding out what your idols did today T~T
But I've just been really busy with a lot of school work and I have exams in January
and I have to do all of this drawing stuff too but well I'll try to do as much as I can!
But for now I'm going to have to be really selective on what I translate, you guys can still feel free to request things, just know that I'm not as likely to do long translations than if it was just a song or a short serend Berryz or C-ute blog post for example. (I still owe someone their Momoko posts sorry!! >_<

To save having to reedit all of the posts, I'll just go through some of the news I've missed~

S/mileage new pictures

Well to be honest, I'm not much of a fan of the outfits.
They're kinda cute as they have this angelic look to it and plus it's starting to remind me of Christmas
but ah now I understand that their theme really is the school girl look with the badges and I love the school girl look myself. Though there's something about the outfits that don't quite work like the long sleeves or so but it's not bad really! I think I like Yuuka's picture the best.

Berryz Koubou Tomodachi wa Tomodachi nanda -HAWAII

Wao! I was really surprised they released something like this!


Well I actually have less time than I thought so moving on ahead~
I've just watched Morning Musume's new pv...and some of it just reminds me of Naichau kamo and something else I can't put my finger on. I'm not liking the matching outfits and plus they remind me of SNSD's spy outfits in Hoot.  The pv's not very interesting but some parts are quite pretty with the flowers and the stream and I do kinda like the song too actually so this will be another song I'll put on my ipod I think so this isn't too bad Momusu!

  The poll of what should Tsunku and the UFA do..
I mean of course I'd love them to focus on Hello! Project kids but I just feel since Morning Musume is the mother group...they should be the one who's getting the amazing pvs, costumes, songs and all right? I just feel if they're not doing so well then the whole of Hello! Project doesn't look as good though of course I fully support on the Kids leading H!P forward hahaha. I just watched their sushi PV and I have to say.. it's pretty cute though as I was listening to it I thought: Meh it's ok.. but as soon as it got to the chorus.. I knew I was gonna get it in my head (and I was right). Kura kura kura kura~ no no no moving on
The new poll on the other hand! Ahhhh~ yes yes please vote on this~ I already know my answers hehe

So so S/mileage is up for the Best new artist Award eh? Good luck to them! They better represent H!P Well!
Although personally I think SNSD would have a higher chance of winning it since Japan are in love with SNSD or at least South Korea. I do listen and like SNSD more myself than S/mileage although it would be good if S/mileage won. On the other haaaaaand... I also feel SNSD's songs are much better than S/mileage's (though I loved their first two singles) but they just resang their popular previous singles in Japanese and I know S/mileage have been working really hard too. So in a way I'm rooting for both but I also could guess what the result would turn out. SNSD would probably be getting their revenge on S/mileage xD

AHHH I don't believe I missed
Captain's birthday T__T Happy late birthday Captain!!
You're always one of the best dancers~ and always look one of the prettiest for me in Berryz pictures! Plus you actually have a bit of a crazy side don't you?
Hope you had an amazing day~ ♥

Airi in a horror drama!???
Though I personally never really thought Airi could act as well as like Nakkii for example but she wasn't bad either in all her Rich girl roles.
Wahhhhh I kinda really want to see this too (though I think the thing I'm most looking forward to is Maasa's movie!)
Though I wonder why H!P is so popular with Horror movies xD It's very...strange

My schoo
l march pv...
Errr I'm just quickly skimming through so I'm not really sure what this is about but I guess something to do with Oogawa and her group,,? and s/mileage minus 1 are in it?
The vocals and the tune of the song itself I don't really like but I do like the marching theme and it looks kinda cute but I guess not my kind of song either

Finally! KANNA!! and Kumai~ and Chisa!'s photobook~ Yaaay

Alright~ that probably wasn't a very interesting read (if you did read it) but those are just my opinions. I'll be having the translation of Shining Power and Chotto Samishii soon so look out for that!

Bai for now~

Monday, 22 November 2010

Upcoming Photobooks

Here's an old name, KANNA~ I'm sorry I don't know the exact date, I just remembered it kept being pushed back, but I'm guessing it's late December xD;
her solo image dvd is out 27th of January so it'll be around then
can't wait, it's like her official modelling career has started, cause I haven't seen her in anything yet..
but she always looks stunning in photos

Next up, Kumaicho, or rather KumaSpo! it's her first Alo Hello! Photobook
sounds good Hawaii is definitely good for photos, the clear blue skies and colourful scenery..ahh wish I was there~
It's a sport themed photobook~ Kumaicho has definitely got the figure of an athlete, so good call I say xD
the name is interesting too, I always like them more with the puns rather than just their name, as you can guess from my titles I like making some myself (even if they are lame xDD). I'm guessing it's a play with her nickname and Sport
It's her third pb now, and her second one wasn't long ago
they are promoting her a lot more now, and she deserves it^^ afterall in the H!P questionnaire thing she was voted Best Looks

OK Chisatoo, ok her pb and dvd name are the more boring ones, just Chisato and Chisa, though normally for their first pbs it's always just their names. I'm not saying there's anything wrong with just their names, but I feel it's more personal and interesting to come up with a puname xD but perhaps next time~
but yeah it's her first PB yatta! and she showed the cover of it herself

she looks stunning!
can't wait for more previews for all these pbs^^

very excited, I love looking at pictures myself^^
though I'm stilll waiting for Miyabi's second pb xP

My School March PV

I just saw this, and thought may as well blog this
it's very high quality, and they have loooads of people participating! loads, looks like it cost a bit
looove the gymnastic skills and baton twirling (I hear it's a PE requirement in Japan, I'm so jealous! we have hockey..and netball..)
shame the song wasn't quite interesting imo
I just remember them repeating my friend, like after nearly every line xD;

and..why is S/mileage(-1) there? I know Saki's an Oha girl, but must the other three appear with them everytime? I think it's just a bit silly... why don't they just employ them as extra Oha girls then? they're like always around..

my favourite part was the middle with the gymnastics (I take it) team doing their performance, makes me wish I can do cartweels etc xD

I thought S/mileage(-1)'s outfits looked like stewardesses or air hostesses maybe? xD
the Oha girls look like those carnival marching band outfits, which is good as it suits the song

Airi in ACTion

Airi will star in a -wait for it- horror drama
well congrats Airii~~
I've not really seen Airi in action, so I don't know much about her acting skills
but I have faith that she'll do her best and, knowing her, she'll pull this off wonderfully
ah silly me I thought it was a film at first, but no it's a drama, which to me is even more interesting, cause it's not a one off, I wonder how long it'll be... she'll be even more busy! ganbatte~

the drama is called 'Keitai Kanojo' which is based on a popular mobile phone novel
Airi is playing a detective who is investigating the mystery behind a mobile phone dating simulation game 

she is acting with Seika Taketomi who is winner of Gravure Japan 2010 winner, her role is a girl who appears within the game, somehow killing the male players one by one 

The drama will air April 2011 (so it's quite a while yet)
thanks chobineko for information^^

hopefully this will be subbed fairly soon after it's released, cause I'd very much like to watch it
though I wonder how much I can take cause Usaa here is a scaredy-rabbit xD
Japanese people really love their horror ne, every H!P member (apart from Masaa) who's starred in a film, the genre is horror xD;
which reminds me Masaa's film shoule be out soon, I'm so excited! it's not a horror, a comedy even! I can safely watch this without having any nighmares xD

Birthday! Shimmy Shimi Saki

22nd November
gosh you're 19 already! they grow up so fast
Happy 19th Birthday Saki!

Berryz faithful and reliable Captain~
she really is adorable with her pig collection and cute smiles
not to mention awesome dancing skills
(they really need to give you dance corners so you can show everyone how it's done xD)
Captain honto ni SAIKOU

and the Berryz members are always in chorus when they sing about Captain's dependable personality
she'd be an awesome nee san ne

so cute ><


Hope you have (or had Japan time) a wonderful day
may this be a successful year for you :D