Sunday, 14 November 2010

Random thoughts on Albums

just looking around
and I see Mano Erina's new album

and I think of the name More Friends
which made me laugh
her first album was called Friends, now her second album is called More Friends
how abour her third album? Even More Friends? xDD
I think it's a silly name, cause it just sounds like an extension of her old album
it's not that hard to think of a new name is it?

Mano has been kinda quiet lately ne, replaced by S/mileage. though even they've been sorta quiet, due to their new album methinks, whose name I also think is funny, Spoilt Brats xDD
their cover's been released
well their facial expressions are all nice
you might think it's a random observation, but sometimes (mainly Saki and Kanon) look awkward..
really, in photos. I'd say that's why Yuuka and Ayaka are always are the front, they're more photogenic
the theme reminds me of little kids, playschool? like the colours in the background and their poses
I wonder why they always give Yuuka the beret?


  1. So, how many friends do you have, Erina XD Many next time we could put them in your CD cover. Ok, I am kidding. The name is just really silly.

  2. Usaa
    xDD yeah it's funny it's many different pictures of her on it..
    i agree, for the first album it was ok, but why recycle the name xD