Thursday, 18 November 2010

Morning Musume - Appare Kaiten Zushi! PV

This PV was pretty late...

tbh I've never heard the full song to this..
I only listened to the beginning when a rip was released, and since it was a rip, it was hard to tell what was happening so I kinda gave up xP
I just remember it being really rocky

I wouldn't say it's an ammazing song, I prefer their new single, but it had it's good points, certainly quite catchy, I got their chorus, dulu dulu dulu ..... bit in my head, I doubt they actually sing that, but thats what it sounds like xD

their pv reminded me a bit of berryz inazuma songs, cartoon characters singing (or in this case dancing) and also the wao, I liked the WAO at the beginning, sounded very effective xD

but my faaaavourite part was right at the end! xDD I would have never have heard it, if it weren't for the PV, I didn't dl this
but anyways when Reina sings slowly, and they're all sleeping, I replayed that again cause I liked it that much
maybe I can just cut out that part to listen to... xD

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