Saturday, 13 November 2010

C-ute - Aitai Lonely Christmas PV

I'm SO SORRY for not posting
honto ni honto ni, just been so busy ><
but after my piano exam (beginning of december) I'll definitely post more! no more burden!

but now back to buisness
I wasn't in the mood to do homework, so I automatically go on youtube, and guess what I see in my subscriptions box? C-ute's new PV of course! wakuwaku >W<


I reallllllly like it! for the PVs that's been out I'd say this is the best~ they mightn't have spent so much money on it like Momusus, but it still looks good, and mainly, it suits the song! everything does, costumes background everything

they all look really pretty, and notice how many lines people get! and normally I don't like Maimai's voice as much, but it sounds really good here
so it's good at least one H!P kids group gets some attention ne

this is their first ballady single, or probably the slowest tune xD they're known for their fast energetic songs ne. even though I mostly prefer fast songs, recently I've been listening to ballads more, cause that's where their voices stand out more. (which is why I want a Berryz ballad song like kokuhaku or verybeauty, but they've just had their inazuma songs, which are still good but still a change would be nice)

random points, I like the phone Airi stares at, so cute~ and Chisa writes something on the window..dunno what but for some reason I just imagined her writing 'Chisa' though that wouldnt make much sense. and when Maimi was writing I just picture it as 'Aitai Lonely Christmas Maimi'. should really study the alphabets xP

Maimi really does look sad here I thought, was she really sad? or a really good actress, I shan't know xD

Ahhh this PV!!!...

At some points...I wanted to laugh (or I did) because
I can only imagine the directors just going: OK. LOOK SAD.

But of course that's not the case for all of it.
Most of it was really cute!!
I aww'd at the phone bit with Airi. I really aw'd at the bit with Maimi writing Merry Christmas and slowly wrote "suki" (I love you) and Chisa slowly on the window writing
"suki" too! But I also loved the close ups (and not just the solo shots) of Chissa and Mai when it was their turn to sing which made me think, C-ute really are trying to get a more even distribution and I love it!
Not only that it's fairly even but...this was probably one of their best vocals in my opinion. They all sound so good and you can tell they've improved a lot
I really loved Airi's "aitai dake...aitai dake...aitai dake...yo! Tada aitai dake~"
(I just want to see you... I just want to see you... I just want to see you...I just want to...see you! It's just that I just want to see you~)
Or well it could be "I just miss you" rather than I want to see you actually but either meaning is sweet.

I think I'll be singing this in my lonely christmas TwT~ Usa hold me! ♥♥

Can't wait for this to come outttt!!!



  1. i think chissa write suki or kisu.. XD

  2. really good sad song, i wonder what kind dancing for this song, i like maimai part too, her voice changed a little but toward good, chisa really look pretty in this pv. but always the best is airi. :)

  3. Usaa
    Sorry blogger is being strange and not letting me comment when I'm signed in ><

    xD ahh yeah it can work both ways Suki/Kisu xD
    yeah amaazing song! for once they don't have a dance shot in the pv! yeah I'm interested as well, probably like Berryz Kokuhaku, slower and simpler. Yeah they Airi just looked incredibly adorable here, and it her actions seem more natural^^