Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Berryz Kobo - Alo Hello 2 Photos

I'm still debating whether I should get the pb or not...
however currently I am broke and will still be for awhile as christmas is coming up ><
umm Risu here's a hint for something on my christmas list... xDDD

DVD Cover

PB Cover

I absolutely absolutely adooore the DVD cover, soo cuute! and amazing, it's an epic picture
The PB cover is also nice^^ they all look good, but the DVD cover is just a bit more special xP
though from their video promoting their PB
I think the back cover is the picture on the DVD cover so it's all good xD

but it really looks good the pb! Summer clothes and on the beach
Hawaii is a nice place to think of in these dreary winter days xD
and especially watching their new PV, makes me want to see their pb even more

plus they're collaborating with Ruvap a clothes shop (I've neveer heard of it before, but hey it's a fashion shop so has to mean cool clothes)

though it might be slightly weird for me to own one (certainly to my non H!P loving friends and family) that I have a photobook with girls in bikinis
but ah well Berryz support!

some other pictures~


I always think Berryz is an incredibly beautiful group^^

p.s. Risu hasn't got her internet atm, hopefully by next week she'll be backk

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