Saturday, 27 November 2010

Usaa's Video Corner! 38 ~ARIGATOU

this. is. the. cutest. thing. ever!

I actually cannot describe how cute this is, the little cards and their actions~~
at first I thought it was a fanmade video, but no an actual PV!
It really does make me happy when I find something like this, it's like finding gold! xD
I looove pvs ><
and if they had a pv like this for an actual single, I'm sure everyone would love it, cause it's the natural berryz having fun^^


  1. ! i have never know this song had PV
    so surprise ♥ thank you for sharing
    it's so cuteeeee i love how they enjoy their party
    make me missing maiha ^^

  2. It's a Video present in concert's MC. Just like the Berryz kamen thing.

  3. Usaa
    your welcome gloomy^^ and yeah at first I thought Maiha was in it! xD;
    xD yeah I know its a VTR thing, but Berryz are actually singing to the song like in a normal PV and not just clips put together