Wednesday, 17 November 2010

S/mileage - New Picturres

The idea is cute, the jump
but they sorta look awkward here
especially Yuuka, and I wouldn't say this is Kanon's best shot either

though looking at this again whilst typing this, this reminds me of Berryz jump shot for their Alo Hello PB and DVD covers
that was incredible, all 7 of them jumping high at the same time
good teamwork and good capture I'll say xD

but back to Suummarejii
I do not approve how high their skirts fly up in this picture
especially with the main audience in japan being older males, honestly Tsunku, you should see it's a bit inappropriate xDD

Individual Pics

Overall, I like these costumes muuuchh better than their usual boring ones, and their album cover
I know it's still similar, school theme..short badge

but I dunno these sort of look elegant, with their silky sleeves and their belt and ribbon are cute
I thought the hat was a bit random, but it works

they're wearing what I call Michael Jackson shoes
which recently have been very popularr
but I don't quite like their versions, with high heels, and I prefer one colour rather than two

They look nice
but honestly would it kill them to make their skirts longer, I mean I know they're like 15/16 now but they still look like 12/13 to me, and it's weird because they're supposed to be cute, but they have these incredible short skirts, and high heels which is a more sexy image
it doesn't work bringing them together like that, just choose one image
and I for one would think they would still look cute if their skirts were to say a few cms longer
but I really need to shut up about their skirt lengths I know I say this soo many times
so sorry guys, last of the rants

so in conclusion my favourite thing about these photos are the costumes
their poses are a bit plain, and perhaps if they have more than one colour in their outfits just once in a while would be nice
I'm glad they did something more to Yuuka's hair, they always leave it straight even though she has nice long hair, it's a bit of a waste
I think Yuuka and Kanon look cuter here in these photos

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