Sunday, 28 November 2010

C-ute Seishun Mugen Power

We haven't posted this yet right?
This was my first time I heard it and I liiike it! it seems like the song to cheer me up!
Although I'm not a fan of songs where they sing together throughout, I like solo parts after all
The tune is good though~

What do you guys think?


Oh this is something extra I found xD

This made me laugh a lot! Oh silly Maimi. She tried to take Chisa's lines in another video too but is stopped by Maimai and Chisa xD

I found it especially funny because of the lines they were trying to sing.

When Maimi gets told to move, she sings: No no I don't understand being purehearted
*she moves*
Airi *laughs*: No no simple things are boring
Maimi: It's all about how you feel
Airi: No no *laughs* (tries to say: Don't stop the music) I'm sorry!

Check out the other videos on the side ^__^

1 comment:

  1. i'm not a music commentator but i like aitai lonely christmas more^^
    anyway this song is so funny! i give 8/10 :D

    lower video clip make me a lot of laugh
    Maimi's face looks so panic ,hahahaha
    poor Mai