Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Risu...TEN...is sooorrrryy


I have to apologize to you guys way too much \(_ _;)/
Well I'm not just sorry for missing out on all the news
but I haven't been able to translate daily for the C-ute blogs
and you guys are probably missing finding out what your idols did today T~T
But I've just been really busy with a lot of school work and I have exams in January
and I have to do all of this drawing stuff too but well I'll try to do as much as I can!
But for now I'm going to have to be really selective on what I translate, you guys can still feel free to request things, just know that I'm not as likely to do long translations than if it was just a song or a short serend Berryz or C-ute blog post for example. (I still owe someone their Momoko posts sorry!! >_<

To save having to reedit all of the posts, I'll just go through some of the news I've missed~

S/mileage new pictures

Well to be honest, I'm not much of a fan of the outfits.
They're kinda cute as they have this angelic look to it and plus it's starting to remind me of Christmas
but ah now I understand that their theme really is the school girl look with the badges and I love the school girl look myself. Though there's something about the outfits that don't quite work like the long sleeves or so but it's not bad really! I think I like Yuuka's picture the best.

Berryz Koubou Tomodachi wa Tomodachi nanda -HAWAII

Wao! I was really surprised they released something like this!


Well I actually have less time than I thought so moving on ahead~
I've just watched Morning Musume's new pv...and some of it just reminds me of Naichau kamo and something else I can't put my finger on. I'm not liking the matching outfits and plus they remind me of SNSD's spy outfits in Hoot.  The pv's not very interesting but some parts are quite pretty with the flowers and the stream and I do kinda like the song too actually so this will be another song I'll put on my ipod I think so this isn't too bad Momusu!

  The poll of what should Tsunku and the UFA do..
I mean of course I'd love them to focus on Hello! Project kids but I just feel since Morning Musume is the mother group...they should be the one who's getting the amazing pvs, costumes, songs and all right? I just feel if they're not doing so well then the whole of Hello! Project doesn't look as good though of course I fully support on the Kids leading H!P forward hahaha. I just watched their sushi PV and I have to say.. it's pretty cute though as I was listening to it I thought: Meh it's ok.. but as soon as it got to the chorus.. I knew I was gonna get it in my head (and I was right). Kura kura kura kura~ no no no moving on
The new poll on the other hand! Ahhhh~ yes yes please vote on this~ I already know my answers hehe

So so S/mileage is up for the Best new artist Award eh? Good luck to them! They better represent H!P Well!
Although personally I think SNSD would have a higher chance of winning it since Japan are in love with SNSD or at least South Korea. I do listen and like SNSD more myself than S/mileage although it would be good if S/mileage won. On the other haaaaaand... I also feel SNSD's songs are much better than S/mileage's (though I loved their first two singles) but they just resang their popular previous singles in Japanese and I know S/mileage have been working really hard too. So in a way I'm rooting for both but I also could guess what the result would turn out. SNSD would probably be getting their revenge on S/mileage xD

AHHH I don't believe I missed
Captain's birthday T__T Happy late birthday Captain!!
You're always one of the best dancers~ and always look one of the prettiest for me in Berryz pictures! Plus you actually have a bit of a crazy side don't you?
Hope you had an amazing day~ ♥

Airi in a horror drama!???
Though I personally never really thought Airi could act as well as like Nakkii for example but she wasn't bad either in all her Rich girl roles.
Wahhhhh I kinda really want to see this too (though I think the thing I'm most looking forward to is Maasa's movie!)
Though I wonder why H!P is so popular with Horror movies xD It's very...strange

My schoo
l march pv...
Errr I'm just quickly skimming through so I'm not really sure what this is about but I guess something to do with Oogawa and her group,,? and s/mileage minus 1 are in it?
The vocals and the tune of the song itself I don't really like but I do like the marching theme and it looks kinda cute but I guess not my kind of song either

Finally! KANNA!! and Kumai~ and Chisa!'s photobook~ Yaaay

Alright~ that probably wasn't a very interesting read (if you did read it) but those are just my opinions. I'll be having the translation of Shining Power and Chotto Samishii soon so look out for that!

Bai for now~

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