Monday, 15 November 2010

Morning Musume - New Profile Pic

Fantasy Juuichi

Recently they've been recycling their outfits more, C-ute too
which isn't a bad thing, certainly good for environment
and it is such a waste that pretty outfits are only wore once
These outfits were also used for their new single Onna to Otoko no Lullaby Game in case you didn't know

they shoved the graduating members at the back, I presume so they can cut them out easily for when they've graduated...sad

It's quite a nice profile pic
though the background reallly doesn't suit it, too plain and light
and as a whole it looks interesting, even though their are some individual outfits I don't like much

Usaa's Preferences
Good Outfits
Linlin ~ you can't see her pretty outfit here
but she looks like a Ballerina Princess^^
Aii ~ for Ai's one I really like the top half
the bottom half is ok..though I get mixed opinions
but overall it's nice
Junjun ~ Her outfit is more simple and less extravagant as the others
you cannot see it here at all, in fact I watched the PV again to have a good stare at their outfits xD
but it's a shame you don't see hers more, it's simple yet elegant
her hair looks lovely too when it's down

Ok Outfits
Sayumi ~ at first I was going to put hers in the Good list, however when I watched the PV again I didn't like the bottom half much, verrry poofy. but the colour is nice
Aika ~ Not totally liking the shiny yellow, prefer a softer yellow
her's is also very simple. doesn't stand out as much to the rest I don't think

Umm Outfits
Risa ~ Not liking the fur much, if they took that away I'd put it in the Ok list xD;
Eri ~ The biig roses.... and the colour of the dress as well, sorry not my taste at all
Reina ~ The shape looks nice in this picture, however in the PV where you can see it properly, I don't like the extremely poofiness of it
and also I don't think the colour suits her hair..
If it wasn't so poofy I'd like it a loot more, honestly it looks like she's in a cloud.. that image sorta
couldn't quite describe it

but yes it's probably easier to wait until the individual pictures come out
but ah well
I have more time now and there's the PV to look at, might as well write down my (endless) comments now

so if you want to be reminded of the outfits again, watch the PV~
there's a huuuge contrast between these extravagant outfits to the extremely simple colour ones

hmm outfits I'd give a 8/10.. quite hard with the my constrasting opinions xD;
photo 8.5/10 they look nice, but the background...makes the whole picture duller

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