Tuesday, 30 November 2010

S/mileAGE - Smiling through the ages

Past, Present and Futures





gosh, I might not be too big a fan of S/mileage, but I'm a huuge fan G/rannyage

I think they took the baby and granny pictures for an event of theirs...? shiranai..
their granny pictures are honestly epic, Ayaka's typical granny, but the rest are sooo funny! xD
when I saw Saki's I just thought of monkey xD
if you didn't see Saki's baby bottle one might think S/mileage were in hospital clothes...xD
funniest S/mileage thing ever, had me laughing a while

just for laughs

I'll leave you with Ogawa-Obaba
she really does pull the funniest faces..xD

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  1. I love Sakitty and how carefree she is about pulling funny faces~ Most newly debuted idols would be worried about looking pretty, but she's really my-paced for an idol <3

    Also yup, it was for a Bijin Mama event. There's also thirty-second pvs made with these costumes if you wanna watch. :P