Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Berryz Kobo - Tomodachi wa Tomodachi Nanda HAWAII PV~

Sugoii!! A second PV! sorta xD
even though this isn't even a proper PV I prefer this to their Shining Power PV

I would prefer if they chose a song which doesn't originally have a PV, cause the original Tomodachi PV is awesome as it is, but ah well shouldn't complain too much. also this song is fun to perform, and you can see them really putting emotion in and having fun cause they're such good friends anyway

But yes if you didn't know already, Hawaii PV = Bikinis xD;
same for Momusu with their Genki Pikapika
but I much prefer this one (apart from being Berryz biased) it's also because I prefer this song, and they have more props, like the kampai (cheers) at the end, and the beach props~

you can see some of them are really tanned! enjoying the sun probs, really did brighten up my day, it's horrrrrible weather here =.=
It's been a while since Miyabi had a ponytail, soo cuute
and Yurina, why isn't she a model? xD

all in all I really enjoyed this, and you can see they did too~
and it totally contrasts their actual PV, this one has loads of colours rather than their cool grey outfits
but both feature a beach and are good in their own ways^^


  1. Momo's top seems a bit too small? Am I the only one who feels this way? XD

    And I love the butt battle moment between Momo & Captain XD

  2. Usaa
    sorry blogger is being strange and not letting me sign in and comment at the same time ><

    xD yeahh dw you're not the only one, when Momo first came on, I definitely thought that! xD
    Momosakii xD yeah and how Momo has to win xD

  3. I think that Yurina's top is a bit too small, sometimes I thought I could see the bottom part of her... boobzzz XD
    There are loads of great scenes if you look at the background XD
    I commented my favs on YT, just gonna paste them here for everyone to find :)

    Fav scenes:
    0:25, look at Maasa xD
    0:35 Omg Momo XD
    0:47 Captain and Chii, and Chii from now on, and look how Momo praises Captain for what she did xD
    1:14 Chii and Miya want to do something funny but the scene gets a cut ;_;
    1:27 Chii and Miya again xD
    1:37 XD CAPTAIN
    1:44Momo and Chii x3
    1:46 Captain copying Chii
    2:01Captain and Momo buttbattle
    2:37 KICKI IT MAASA!
    2:56 good job, Captain
    3:16 cute MiRii ♥

  4. Usaa
    xDD; yeah they're all quite small
    oo ty Keksi^^ I agree with your fave scenes xD escpecially the last one~

  5. KAWAII! I love how cute all the girls look! Especially, Miya, Momo and Saki!!!! Momo was so cute in this! She always so enegric and funny! And Miyabi just looked so beatiful!

  6. Usaa
    Yeah Berryz are a beeautiful group~ really have grown up^^
    yeah you can always count on Momo for entertainment xD
    I love how Captain's hair is longer~ and she needs a pb already! xD Miya always shines^^