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~Buono! Rock n Buono 3 Review~

Sorry for our non-existant updates >_< I really have no excuse m(_ _;)m
So here's a present for you!! ^

That's right!! Buono!
As I'm steadily watching this
~ I'm enjoying it just like any other of their concerts
although admittedly their singing doesn't seem to be as good; off notes here and there from Airi yet her Over the Rainbow was amazing.Later watching Shoushitsuen and I NEED YOU I think I'd say Over the Rainbow and I NEED YOU come close to the top for me.

Performances worth mentioning:
Urahara, Last Forever, My Boy, Kataomoi, Independant Girl, Kimi ga ireba, Blue Sky Blue
Urahara had a lot of emotion to it and plus I loved the dance that went with it.
The dance to Last Forever made me giggle.
My Boy was amaaazing to watch! Probably my favourite live version of it
Kataomoi and Independant Girl...the singing in them both was very...well I felt Kataomoi there was less energy in it but they were probably exhausted and possibly trying to save up for Independant girl. I mostly only liked Independant girl because the performance was fun and interesting to watch with them swinging the mic stands.
Kimi ga ireba and Blue Sky Blue totally gave me shivers!! They were really good!
I didn't really understand the MCs too much but in one of them, Airi brought up that the three of them had little brothers so... Well she asked them a question and I'm not sure what she asked... I had a feeling it was something to do with a trip or like where would you take your little brother? I guess I'll just wait for a sub for this!
But as for Momo, she said that her little brother came to the concert the day before and was waving his arm about going: Nee Nee Nee!! (Big sis!!)
and it really healed her awww
Miya on the other hand frowns and says: My brother...has never once called me Big Sister
(Eehhhhh!? -from everyone)
All he ever does is go: Oi. You. (Omae- very rude)
I wish he'd call me Big Sister JUST once

Awwwwwwww poor Miya! That sounds so cute though, she has a rebellious little brother.

The first VTR were hilarious too! who would of thought of the outcomes!

So after watching all of this, I can say that the singing in this concert was probably not the most consistent since they had a few performances were they were off but then in other ones they were completely amazing. They didn't do many funny things but at least they still got the crowd going!!
Overall I still loved watching this concert anyway and I can't wait for their Winter Concert too! I swear one day I'll have to see them definitely \(>_<;)/


Read more for a mostly translation of jokes of the VTR~

*don't read if you don't want to be spoiled!!!!*
First part:
Well at the beginning they talk abuot Summer ending and Momo says they should go somewhere (?) Then Miyabi asks: Where? Then Airi goes: Take us there!
and so they go and it also says that Airi changed clothes so she could move easier
Momo fails to say Go kart and says Go Kite and brags she's the Go Kart champion so she won't lose. Miya on the other hand says: Sorry! but I'm the world's [best] go karter? and Airi says: If it's go-kart we're doing then I'm a girl who can do it! They announce their colours..Airi's "lime green" (text: with the pose too) and Momo also fails making a joke when saying what colour her car is.
As they race you have Miyabi screaming all the way: this is scary!! God this is scary!! (Kami-sama kowai~)This is fast!!
But as the small text says: Natsuyaki-san gradually gets used to it

Airi crashes into Momo and goes: Ouuuuch!! That hurt!! That really hurt~
Momo later asks: How many more laps??
So so so although Miyabi said she was really serious about it..the two of them were too fast afterall! Airi was shocked at how strong Momo was and she hurt her head going forward when they crashed. Momo was probably bragging out how good she was and saying:
"I thought I was fine driving on the roadside with a go kart so much that I just let my arm up"
and at the bottom the text read: You can't drive on the roadside with a go kart
oh silly Momo xD
Though the cutest part was also at the end with the picture and writing.
It said:
[?? Month ?? Day -Sunny
Tsugunaga Momoko
Today the three of us went to the amusement park ♥
The Go Karts were incredibly fun ♪
On top of that, I came in ★1st place★
I got to show how "leader"-like I am ♥
I wonder if the two of them will let me take them out on a drive
when I get my liscence!?
I look forward to iiit ***]

Awww Momo you're so sweet!

[Second Part]
They approach the table tennis table
Momo: Ehh this kind of thing is here? The truth is...I'm a table tennis champion
Airi and Miya:.............Ehhh
Well they basically used their same joke, Miya's the world's best table tennis player, Airi's a girl who can do it if they're going to do table tennis.
As they're about to play, Momo explains the rule of getting 5 points and anything's fine like even if it bounces twice or so. She goes:
Ok! Say I if you want to serve first!
Miya and Airi: I!
Momo: Alright, first one to say something good about Momo
Miya: Your ribbon is cute
Momo: Alright then!
Airi:... I was no good *laughs*

So they play...
(I bursted out laughing at this bit)
Momo is surprised how good they are and Airi goes: Ehh?
and hits it too hard and Miya cheers and Airi goes:
My leaping banana~ ♪ (Tondetta ba~na~na)
Momo goes: be more livelier!
and Airi goes: OK! *fails* Kaboom. Kaboom kaboom~
(Momo is really messing her up xD)
Momo tells Miyabi to do a sexy pose and she does~ Then she tells Airi to do a pun with her serve
so Airi goes: The ping pong ball will~ ... ping ping ping! -Ah I couldn't do it
(-Ok I fail at making puns myself but she says: "pin pon tama poon!" pin poon I think is the sound you make when someone has made a correct answer)
Momo: Next is like Momo!
*Miya raises pinky*
Momo: Airi! Do it like (Fukuhara) Ai!
After Miya wins Momo asks her how does she feel in which Miya replies that she's the world's best table tennis player of course! but then Momo asks how does she feel about going up against the table tennis champion and she says she's calm about it.
Momo interviews Airi and Airi goes: Because I'm a girl who if we're doing it, I can do it! I was able to do it
(Text says: She wasn't able to do it!)

You could probably guess Momo was trying to compliment Airi with: Airin kawaii! Airi kawaii!!
To get the ball first (text says: she's desperate)

(One of the most funniest bit, with sound effects and all)
Momo hits Miya (Text says: Desperate persuasion)
and the next serve she does text says: Full Swing
Miya serves, Momo panicks then Miya (angry): Do you have the will to do this!?

After Miya wins (With Momo having a little tantrum <33) she goes: Don't underestimate the world's best table tennis player!
(With Airi trying to say "I'm a can-do-anything girl but keeps getting interrupted)
Afterwards Momo comes back to the camera saying: I'm sorry about earlier but could you cut that part out?
With the text saying: We won't!!!

Miyabi's little text!:
[Buono!'s summer♥!
♥ Month ♥ Day
Natsuyaki Miyabi
Today the three of us went out! ♥
It was incredibly hot outside *sweatdrops*
But because I'm spending the day as the three of us,
it was fun! ***
I haven't played table tennis in a while x_x
Even so!!
I came FIRST!
This was a fun summer :3]

Awww look. Peach Momo, Kappa Airi and Bunny Miyabi? Usagi should be happy xD

[Third part]
Yes! Darts!
Momo shows out her darts! Then Miya goes: Ah!...Ah!...Ah!...I'm the world's best darts player!
Then Airi babbles on and you have Momo whispering to her: "can-do-anything-girl can-do-anything-girl"
Airi: I'm a can-do-anything-girl!
(She forgot her line?? )
After playing some darts, I assume Miya broke hers so Momo lends her one and Miya says something like:
Aa the possibility of me ending up doing this is high
(Omg she did it! O_O 70...)
Airi is able to do it too!
She goes: This really is a can-do-anything dart, here I'll give you one of mine
Miya: Or would you rather use the world's best dart player's dart?
Momo: Is that the one that's broken
Miya: *laughs* No this is the one that hasn't broken yet
Airi: Hey aren't these like a pen?
(Arrows pointing at Miyabi and Momo saying: *Ignores [Airi]*)
Miya: Alright, that over there is the special version
Momo: Isn't that the broken one over there!?
Miya: No..that's the one I've added power too
Airi: Seriously? :D
(As Momo plays, the text reads on Airi: Too preoccupied to pay attention)
Momo: Eh!? It looks like the wing disappeared!
*misses again*
Momo: Ahh ah!!
Miya: Are you serious!? my poor dart.. (text: *cries*)
Momo: please please lend me it again
*plays* I think she got about 115?
and Momo goes: Ah! Well. Of course because if it's in Momo's class it'd be this much right? *walks away*
Airi: it ok if you take them off the board for us please?
Miya *choosing her darts* Ok I'll pick this... and his.. *picks both the white ones*
Airi: You're not using these!?!?!? *points at her darts* You won't use "normal!?"
Miya: Normal?
Airi: Yeah my Normal-kun!

Momo: In second place, Airi!
Airi: 93 Thank you! (Pun: Kyuusan, Sankyuu! ♥)
Momo: How did you feel when we were battling it out?
Airi: It felt liks Darts!
Momo *moves on*
Airi: I'm being ignored!?~
Momo: Alright! Suzuki-san, please announce the next result
Airi: Eh? which one?..............ok.... digadigadigadigadigadiga Jaan! TSUGUNAGA! Momoko...
Momo: Say that part with more energy!!!
Miyabi: yaaaaay~
Momo: don't say yaaay!!
Third place is Miyabi

Airi:  Aren't you regretful! with 91 ("Kui ga nokotta, kyuuichi dakara." She shortened Kyuuichi 91 with kui regrets)
Miyabi: I have regrets
Airi: Yeah~ 91 regrets!
*interviewing momo*
Momo: Well right... I usually- ah thank you for the mic, well right I usually, well I- Ah! You just touched my chin didn't you!? Hey! You just touched my chin didn't you!?
Airi: : D... *nods*
Momo: Don't nod!!
*Momo makes speech, text in the back says: The two of them have lost interest*

Momo: As I thought... Grown up- darts is good isn't it~

Airi letter!!
[♥ Month ♥ Day
Today the three of us went to an amusement park ´v`
As for darts...
This was the first time I've done (?) it so
I couldn't quite hit the board
well but...more than I expected
I got 2nd place ♥ Kya!..
It was just barely but
it wasn't a "piri" (?)
I was happy ♥
I want to go hang out again!!
I wonder if I should go ask Leader Momo...♥
Suzuki Airi]

Sorry I couldn't read that too well

But ahhhhhh that's it!! I hope you understand the jokes a little bit more! It was fun watching Buono! Again and they still never fail to make me laugh or awe at how cute they act sometimes.As usual we get the frustrated Momo with the cool Miya and the many jokes from Airi that get ignored.

Hope to see more from them!!
This was a long read sorry
Bai bai!


  1. I thought We Are Buono! was much better vocally- but it was really nice to hear all the old favorite songs ^_^

  2. Usaa
    Sorry blogger is being strange and not letting me comment when I'm signed in ><

    but yeah I totally agree, vocal wise We are Buono was the best! they sounded amazingg!
    here I think they were more tired and had more concerts to do
    but for some songs their vocals were back to their usual standard^^
    this concert and cool performances I thought =]

  3. Miyabi had the best vocals here. In my opinion she was the one keeping the group vocally together. Airi dispointed in this live to be quite honest and Momoko was cute Momoko what else can I say? Overall loved it.

  4. Usaa
    Yeah no matter what I'll love anything Buono does! yeah I thought Airi's vocals were sometimes shaky, and sometimes Miya too, but when she does sing it right, she really sings it right. I thought Momo was the most consistent^^
    but they all had their good moments