Saturday, 13 November 2010

Risako Sugaya ~ go go fight!

Sugaya Risako as Ibu Himuro is a nominee for Billboard JAPAN's "Independent Artist of the Year 2010" award

ooooo, when I firt saw that, it didn't register in my head, just moved on
but now I've thought about it
congrats risako!!
I wonder when the results are out, but even if you're just nominated that's still impressive
but I was thinking..does she count as an independent artist? she's only had one single...
unless her dubbing counts..
but anyhow

I realized recently, how Yurina coulda got more lines, and Risako getting pushed to the back, it's all due to her solo single! Kind of like a lightbulb going off in my head. She has her solo career sort of starting so Tsunku thinks, right let's get another one going xD which is good but still I would like to hear and see Captain, Chii and Maa moree pleaseee, if that's not too much to ask Tsunku
He reeeally likes focusing on one person doesn't he


  1. Yeah, Yurina is ok, but I think Captain deserves it more. I agree with you on the focusing on one person. A single with Maasa would also be nice.

  2. Usaa
    yeah in every group he has favourites, which isn't very good xD
    Captain realllly deserves it, tbh I don't think her vocals are amazing, same as Maa and Chii, but they don't even have the chance to practice
    but back to Captain, at leeeast give her dance solos! and Captain is quite popular!