Saturday, 20 November 2010

Who New?

S/mileage are nominated for 'Best New Artist Award' along with ICONIQ, Madoka Kikuchi, and SNSD. They have all already won the New Artist Award, but the BEST award results will be announced on the 30th of December

Congrats S/mileagee, apart from SNSD I've never even heard of the other bands
so they've got one award already. I wonder in total how many new bands there were this year.. cause for Jpop music I only hear H!P and possible AKB48, I hardly know any other groups, apart from some guy groups xD

If they win the Best award, well that's a pretty big achievement considering they're against SNSD. Who've been winning many awards already with their new mini album Hoot.
I myself listen to SNSD more than S/mileage
and I think it's good for S/mileage that they're nominated, but for me personally, SNSD have better vocals (though better in Korean than Japanese). They have a really big presence too.

So I'm quite excited to hear who wins, it's like more than a month away thoughhh
but place your bets now, who do you think will win? 




Madoka Kikuchi


Ganbare minna. Fighting~
(p.s. yes I did just google them up now..curiousity killed the cat, satisfaction brought it back xD)
(p.p.s I just realized they're all girls xD)


  1. Nice pun ;D

    Congrats for S/mileage really, even I'm surprised at how well their doing in the 'big leagues'... but I think, for me SNSD'll edge it out haha.

  2. Usaa
    thanks^^ yeah, I guess they're under the H!P wing, so they get noticed more, not to mention the mad promo from the agency xD; you a SNSD fan?

  3. Though I'd kinda like more Buono and other H!P stuff out to be honest... I really do think it's good S/Mileage are getting their share of the limelight and a boost (even if they are too high-pitched for me right now ;D).

    More interested as to how they're gonna do in the future.. I think they could be really successful haha... but after Tsunku's given them this opportunity - please go back to Buono!

    SNSD though.. well I've only heard Gee, Genie, Run Devil Run and Hoot - and I actually love them all ;D Seems like a yes haha

  4. Usaa
    yes go back to buono onegaii!
    well..I still think S/mileage has a long way to go, dancing and singing wise, though they've got the cuteness all sorted
    xD yeah SNSD fighting~