Monday, 22 November 2010

Upcoming Photobooks

Here's an old name, KANNA~ I'm sorry I don't know the exact date, I just remembered it kept being pushed back, but I'm guessing it's late December xD;
her solo image dvd is out 27th of January so it'll be around then
can't wait, it's like her official modelling career has started, cause I haven't seen her in anything yet..
but she always looks stunning in photos

Next up, Kumaicho, or rather KumaSpo! it's her first Alo Hello! Photobook
sounds good Hawaii is definitely good for photos, the clear blue skies and colourful scenery..ahh wish I was there~
It's a sport themed photobook~ Kumaicho has definitely got the figure of an athlete, so good call I say xD
the name is interesting too, I always like them more with the puns rather than just their name, as you can guess from my titles I like making some myself (even if they are lame xDD). I'm guessing it's a play with her nickname and Sport
It's her third pb now, and her second one wasn't long ago
they are promoting her a lot more now, and she deserves it^^ afterall in the H!P questionnaire thing she was voted Best Looks

OK Chisatoo, ok her pb and dvd name are the more boring ones, just Chisato and Chisa, though normally for their first pbs it's always just their names. I'm not saying there's anything wrong with just their names, but I feel it's more personal and interesting to come up with a puname xD but perhaps next time~
but yeah it's her first PB yatta! and she showed the cover of it herself

she looks stunning!
can't wait for more previews for all these pbs^^

very excited, I love looking at pictures myself^^
though I'm stilll waiting for Miyabi's second pb xP

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  1. Kanna's photobook comes out the 18th. I can't wait!