Tuesday, 23 November 2010

C-ute - Concert/Event is outt~

but I can't watch it yet >< ahh mouuu
must get work done..unfortunately
but I wanted to share it with everyone, in case you don't know


Looks so good!!
hopefully I can watch it on the weekend!
but I thought maybe it could be a role reversal

like for those who watch it first, can recommend to us what is good and give their review etc xD
it'll be nice and much appreicated~ we love to know your comments

ano..sorry bit confused whether it's a concert or event now xD;


  1. i saw it sunday

    its one of their best concerts ever (maybe cuz

    there is lot of chissa XD)


  2. I think all the Cutie Circuits are events?
    This one definitely is, though, since there was a lottery ticket to attend included in the Dance de Bakoon! singles.

    The DJ Maimai part was definitely the best. DJ Maimai finally got to play her Special Generation after all these years~ Although it was surprising that they let Chissa have Miyabi's part? She nailed it, though. :)
    Airi's voice has gotten surprisingly strong in C-ute concerts as well~ *is used to hearing that only in Buono!*

    Ookina Ai de Motonashite sounds weird now that they're all grown up *-* I wonder how they can still do the falsettos?

    I was googling H!P kids blogs and found yours. :) Thank you for the translations you've already done~ It's fun to read your opinions at the bottom too :D

  3. Usaa
    haai so DJ Maimai is a must! I remember watching another one of her corners, and they mistakenly sang special generation xD they love that song
    aww Chisa must be happy singing Miya's parts, though yeah normally that's Airi's job

    no problem~ I'm glad you enjoy our blog =D