Monday, 15 November 2010

Berryz Kobo - BLOGSPAMM

the capitals describe it well, get ready for a massive picspam
I was happy when I saw Berryz are getting their individual blogs, cause before it makes me think they avoid technology being the only group without any form of blog or twitter, but with serend it's just little sentences
but I didn't realize they had pictures too! Usaa is very happy ^w^

Artist; Momoko
soo cute

(Yes Risu I'm very happy xD)

Purikura! so cute <33
woow their eyes!

Berryz Event

BerryzCute <3333

Cute jackets!
I wonder if they wear that in their concert

Yurina has a braid!
In YuRiiMi's radio show, they talk about braids a bit
and Yurina says she only agrees to braids if they leave her fringe out of it xDD

xDD don't know what that is next to her

Captain's dog~

Chii's big meal xD

ChiiMaa > Machi!

Machi again

Momo's drawing
Good angel Bad angel xD

Elegant Girl~

As usual; Chii & Food xD


Masaa's Dog


MC yo


Momo's Drawings <3


Phone Purikura, really wish I have that app on my phone ><

Momo's Drawings
I'm guessing that says I <3 blogging
that was just a guess though xD

It's Ishikawa Rika!
wearing...a Berryz costume
a new member? xD


Sweet Dreams
xDD doesn't she look like her pre debut days?

xD this picture makes me laugh
behind Yurina it has Tower records
and Yurina..well. she's certainly as tall as one xDD

Yurina and Miyabi here for your assistance~

Soo cuute! BearMiya

Berryz Signatures
that doors gotta worth a lot!
but.. are they allowed to graffiti on the door? xDD

ok well don't say I didn't warn you for this huuuge picspam
believe it or not I didn't include alll their pictures, so feel free to have a look yourself on their blogs

funny points
On momo's blog, surprisingly there's no pictures of herself, or any members
they're all filled with her drawings, and they're all soo cuute
Chii's blog, I'm not kidding you, alll her pictures are to do with food xDDD
oh Chi <3


  1. At a fansite translaters are like "WTF" why are they update so quickly LOL. The girls are reallly into it.

  2. Usaa
    Sorry blogger is being strange and not letting me comment when I'm signed in ><

    xDD yeah they seem to be enjoying it!
    that's good to hear!! I hope they keep their blogs even when the concert is over! nice to keep up with them :D