Monday, 22 November 2010

My School March PV

I just saw this, and thought may as well blog this
it's very high quality, and they have loooads of people participating! loads, looks like it cost a bit
looove the gymnastic skills and baton twirling (I hear it's a PE requirement in Japan, I'm so jealous! we have hockey..and netball..)
shame the song wasn't quite interesting imo
I just remember them repeating my friend, like after nearly every line xD;

and..why is S/mileage(-1) there? I know Saki's an Oha girl, but must the other three appear with them everytime? I think it's just a bit silly... why don't they just employ them as extra Oha girls then? they're like always around..

my favourite part was the middle with the gymnastics (I take it) team doing their performance, makes me wish I can do cartweels etc xD

I thought S/mileage(-1)'s outfits looked like stewardesses or air hostesses maybe? xD
the Oha girls look like those carnival marching band outfits, which is good as it suits the song