Monday, 27 February 2012

New Hair!

idols change their hair a lot, but one that caught my eye recently is 

Okai Chisato!

she cut it short again

more shots

but I can't help but think, doesn't that remind you of someone?

yes, Natsuyaki Miyabi!

miya <(well they do call me fashion leader...)

haha lol

so what do you think?
did Chisa just so happen get a really similar hair cut
or has her love for miyabi reached new levels?

personally I do like her new haircut, she suits it
but it's too similar to miyabi ><
from the back they look exactly the same!
both brown as well
I hope it doesn't cause mix up lol

as a miya fan I'm happy she's such a trendsetter
but's a bit weird isn't it?
I was discussing this with Risu, if Chisa did it to copy miya, then we it's kinda bad as she's an idol herself
but dont get me wrong I still love Chisa

Review - Ai no Album 8 (Berryz Kobo)

Oh my, I didn't even know it was out! shows how much I know ><
listening and typing now

I do miss blogging, so I thought I could do a review

Seishun Gekijo
where is this song from? cause it says 'Berryz ver.' so must be another ver
I didn't expect it to be a slow song

it's quite good, I mainly hear risako though, and is it my imagination, a guy voice?

Atarashii Hibi
sung by Momo, Miya and Captain
It's ok, but Captain's voice reallly doesn't go, it's too low. so overall I didn't think much of it

Ren'ai Moyo
sung by Risako, Chii, Masaa and Yurina
I like this group song more than the previous, surprisingly, as I prefer momo and miya's voices

Because Happiness

I took a liking to this song, it's happy but quite soothing too, not too hyper
though the title of this song reminds me of Icchoume Rock from their previous album, it's the 'happiness'
but who did that strange high note at the end? risako? reminded me of a horses' neigh....

Shy Boy
I really like the title of this song, I don't know why, so I was looking forward to listening to it.

It's quite funky, a lot of vocalizer. I like how everyone sounds~ especially momoko

Yo no Naka no Barairo
Barairo..Biro, as in pen? lol
I heard a radio rip of this song, and I didn't get a great impression of it, so I only listened to the beginning. I thought it was too childish for them

but listening to the full song, it's not so bad, I like the title line 'yo no naka no barai iro~'
it's like a cute kiddy song

Mythology ~Ai no Album~
another title I really like
the beginning is more upbeat that the other songs I think
miya's 'forever' is subarashii, she should done 2 rather than risako I think

seriously why does tsunku give risako a lot of the high notes? risako has a lovely deep voice, so it's a bit stupid imo especially as there are others who can actually hit the notes, i.e. Miya, momo and captain

hmmm, well I wasn't expecting much from this album, didn't really like the covers too much either.
I had hoped for a miyabi solo (as I always do) lol
it's not bad, however I feel like all the songs only gave me a good or ok impression, nothing grabbed me
I think that the songs are mainly soft, which actually goes well with their choir clothes concept.

my favourites would be Mythology, Because Happiness and Shy Boy
overall for album 7/10

what are your thoughts?

Monday, 20 February 2012


It's out and eng subbed!
risu and usagi has always wanted to watch it together, but unfortunately couldn't meet up, soo
on sunday night we watched it at the same time

I have to say, it's not for the faint hearted...
I don't know what the rating is..but there's some pretty gory scenes
but those aren't really the scariest parts, somehow I even found it a bit funny

it's quite clever I think, I haven't seen any other H!P horrors but I'm sure this would be near top (if not top xP)
their acting surprised me!
I've always known Momoko's the best H!P kids actress, and she certainly lives up to her name
Miya and Airi surprised me too, Airi plays her role well as the narrator she probably has a lot of practice as she's been in a lot of stuff recently
but miya! omg she's scary! if I didn't know her 'honto no jibun', she'd haunt me I swear!
I'm very impressed with the way she played her role, cause tbh I never thought her as a good actress
and after watching it, i'm glad she wore a wig, makes her character more different than her real self

all in all, if you love horrors you should definitely watch it
but don't force yourself if you don't, it can get pretty freaky
it'll be much more fun watching with friends^^

and if you're not put off by it, RisuTEN has kindly made a playlist~
just in case the playlist won't work go >here<

I think I'll give it 9/10, the blood was a bit excessive...
but japanese horrors are the scariest ne..
if you've watched it, let us know what you think!

p.s. I wonder how it's a true story...

Ohh Usa, it's not a true story haha otherwise all over the news they'd talk about all these people dying surely!

Anyway, I'll keep it sure so I don't accidently spoil anything;

I was rather surprised how much I enjoyed this actually. I've only seen Keitai Kanojo for a H!P horror but compared to that, this was muuuuuuuch better. Airi's acting here is definitely better although still has a little bit of flaws here and there. There was one particular scene which made me think: "Wow!.. Airi really did a good job! I want to hug her!! ;_;" so I was pretty proud of her for that.Miyabi had to be my favourite actress here. She played her role very well and actually scared me quite a bit! But all in all, as a person who haates horror movies, the horror scenes made me laugh...a lot!
Momoko did a good job playing her bitchy role though every now and then the hilarity of her role compared to her real self made me laugh a lot. Then again, she played the role very "Momo-like".
I was surprised Chisato didn't really appear much since I was expecting a slightly bigger role but her cameo is pretty good too.

Over all, the story isn't the most original...or scariest...and can be a little unrealistic at times... but it is pretty clever and I enjoyed it too. I think this is definite must watch for Buono! fans but even if you're not, it's still a good movie so I definitely recommend this; whether you want to see their acting, simply watch your favourite idols, watch it for the horror...I'd definitely give it at least an A!


Friday, 17 February 2012

Regarde! Mite! Watch!


Our Vlog

hope you like the editing~

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Buono @ Paris

Usaa's Account!

On saturday we went to france via eurostar
getting excited~~
we arrived pretty late, and was met with freezing weather ><

on sunday morning we decided to walk around a bit
and let me tell you I'm jealous of their shops!
Buonoo<33 and berryz too^^
had a loot of H!P CDs, wish they did tshirts too xP
fairy tail~

now for the concert!
When Risu and I arrived there was a massive queue!
it stretched round the corner of the venue
we were like ahh crapp! we're short, we won't be able to see ><
we had to wait a while in the cold as the doors didn't open
so I said, let's strategize! so I said, we should skip merchandise and go straight for stage

then before 6 the queue started to move
and before we know it, we were getting closer!

this is Usagi's first concert! so I was kinda nervous, 
also didn't help that everything was in french xP
when we went in we kept going, omg where are we going? lol

then we saw a big cardboard box and they were giving out glowsticks for free!
we gladly took, it's a must for H!P concerts!

so as Risu said, we managed to bag a good place
and there was still 5 mins before 6, on the screen there was some UFA PV's
I remember when we were going in, it was S/mileage's Chotto Matte Kudasai
and I said to Risu, they're mocking us aren't they, since we had to wait, lool
but it was fun seeing people chanting and jumping up and down to the PVs

right after the DEEP MIND pv a video came on
and it showed when buono opened the letter saying they were going to france
it was a really cute video, it was mixed with buono's pvs, everyone was getting excited
and it said 'are you ready' in french
and by this time everyone was going crazyy

we cheered for a good few minutes going buono! buono! 
and then...they came on!
it was actually surreal!
I saw Airi and Momo first, momo more clearly, and it felt soo strange!
after spazzing over buono for so many years, I fiinally see them!
and Momo looked perfect! like a little doll
I just kept thinking. 'this isn't real'!

and then airi starts singing Hatsukoi Cider
and when she finished her verse everyone screamed 1! 2! 3! 4!
and thats when the party started!

it was sosososo much fun!
I couldn't stop thinking, they're soo pretty!
Momo as I said was a doll, Airi had a really cute smile all the time, and Miyabi was just adorable!!
they're dancing and singing was perfect!
it was just so brilliant to see them stand in front, we were only a few metres away!

it's true that buono are amazing in concerts! they realllly are!
and I got to see Miyabi's Miya beam in person! now I can die happy! lol

they did all their upbeat songs
and chanting I have to say is soo much fun!
it was so loud in there, so I'd try my best to shout their names after each line

they also did their old songs like kokoro no tamago and minna daisuki, which were really nostalgic
I remember loving minna daisuki cause the dance is soo cute!
and at the beginning, the music suddenly came on, so they were a bit startled which was soso cute

they saved rock no kamisama till last
and I thought, ok I'll cheer with all my might!
so I was actually jumping up and down for the last song lol
it realllly was so fun

it was amazing how they'd dance with so much energy non stop
they only had a little MC break, nothing else, I saw Momo swerving to get some water
then later Miyabi quickly had some and Airi followed

as I said Miyabi did her miya beam
other cute moments included them hugging each other happily at the end
and when they read out the french letter, they dropped the envelope and miya and momo did a mini dive for it going Aa~

I wanted to film a lot but the lighting was crazy so was not clear at all on the camera, and when I was filming Juicy Heart the memory was running low, so I had to quickly delete some old pics xP
also on my camera they look a lot more further away than they were
when in fact we saw them really clearly!

and I was surprised they didn't wear their hatsukoi outfits! since that was on their merchandise everywhere
but I'm glad they didn't, these one were soo cute
and I thought they tried to make it a bit French-y lol
they didn't really have a costume change, they just took off their transparent outer skirts

all in all it's a brilliant concert!
the venue was smaller than I imagined, but I quite liked it cause it was cosy
I'm so happy Risu and I finally got to go to their concert ^w^
next time we'll meet them >:D

so we quickly got into the merchandise after a staff had to kick us out (everyone wanted an encore so cheered to the veery end)
and nearly everything was sold out!
so we bought everything that wasn't, which was all their Paris goodies
which was good since those merch was more special I thought

these are all the glowstick wrappers!

inside the venue, ahead was the merchandise and stage

one last look before we left

when we got back we were still pumped up and decided to take a look at our stuff
our ticket^^

our big tshirts




I hope Buono gets more and more popular and one day come to england!
that was the next night ever! I will always remember it^^

Because I can't stop thinking about it~

Unfortunately, RisuTEN isn't the one with the pictures so this will be just a doodle blog for now.

Initial thoughts
Lately, Hello! Project hasn't been doing much for me and I've slowly moving myself onto Kpop.
It's a sad thought for me since I used to so passionately love all of these girls but I can't help but feel a bit disappointed lately with the lack of attention the big guys seem to give these girls.
Nonetheless, in my heart, three girls had always stuck there as my number one favourite idols and when I found out they were coming to a place near me, there were no words to describe how happy I felt.

I was a bit upset when UsaTEN and I weren't able to gain a signing session spot since I wouldn't be able to meet my idols up close but I was still incredibly grateful that I was able to see them perform anyway.
It was a strange feeling seeing them perform. They were so real and I can only really say that they shone like true idols. They were exactly like how they were from my computer screen and watching them in real life was a big shock to myself.

Arriving at Paris
UsaTEN and I arrived at the La Machine du Moulin Rouge at 5pm. I already knew even an hour early would be too late for us and I worried we weren't able to get a close view of the girls since we were at the back of the line. As soon as we went through the doors, we ran to the stage since it only made sense that we would buy merchandise later since getting a good view was more important. We quickly grabbed some glow sticks -I was given a red one but asked for a green one for Airi and the man said to me: Ah there are only a few left luckily, which made me happy for Airi.
We couldn't get through down the stairs since there were people standing on them so we immediately went to the right. We were struggling for a while to find a good view but I suddenly saw a tiny space between a girl and the cameramen and quickly took it, grabbing UsaTEN behind me.
There I was able to see the stage clearly and closely and I was so proud that I was able to find such a good spot. Eventually, the staff came around with more glow sticks  so I happily took a pink one too for Momoko and thus I had all three colours while UsaTEN had two reds and a pink. 

The beginning
The waiting felt like ages but fans were cheering and singing happily to the songs being played on the big screen. I still remember fans screaming crazily whenever Takahashi Ai appeared. But as soon as Hatsukoi Cider came on, everyone cheered and sang. I admit I sang with all my might and even when DEEP MIND came on, trying to pump myself up. However, when I saw the girls walk on stage and heard those beautiful words
"Kiss wo ageru yo, ima kiduite omoi, donna kotoba demo tarinai kara~"
I felt my heart stop. I screamed, my heart was fluttering and I started to well up in tears, it was an indescribable feeling.
I loved every minute of that song and was definitely my favourite song of the concert.
The girls were incredibly adorable and I can't wait to see the recorded version of it. I was actually next to the cameraman for Airi!

Cute points~
More than just the performing, the little mistakes and MCing the girls did were the highlights of the concert for me. I've always believed that Miyabi fans in concerts were happily the loudest. During the first MC, the translator had to keep telling everyone to be quiet and even went: "Urusai mo!!!". When the girls did their self introductions, Momoko and Airi had their fair share of cheers but with Miyabi's screamed her name and began to chant: MIYABI. MIYABI. MIYABI!!!
Seeing Miyabi's happy reaction was cute but moreover that, Momo's reaction was priceless. She quickly got jealous and leaned forward waving her hand and telling everyone to hai hai sshhh and Airi was in the background laughing. The MC were constantly being interrupted by random screaming fans which I'm sure the girls enjoyed. They also stopped for a minute to see a banner the french fans made too.
I'm also not entirely sure what happened here, I think the translator asked a question but one girl disregarded this (?) and just simply yelled out: AIRI AISHITERU!! when given the mic. I found this hilarious but I was also completely jealous! Airi laughed and went: Aishiteru~ and the other two were like =w=; hai hai Aishiteru~
I found it pretty funny how I understood absolutely none of the french but all of the Japanese. So I completely did not comprehended the girls when they attempted to speak French. (I should have worked harder in school eh) I know that they tried to teach French fans the meaning of some characters in their names like "Natsu", "Momo" and "Ai" although I'm sure most of us fans knew what they meant anyway! I felt for Momoko too who had to attempt a few times for the fans to understand her French whom only went: Eh?... in confusion. Seeing that flustered Momoko was too cute.
All three girls had their complete cute points. Miyabi made a slight mistake in the beginning, forgetting to sing.  Her Miyabi beam was brilliant too. Momoko was flawless with her singing and dancing but her random acts of jealousy were incredibly cute but I was surprised how cute I found her in real life anyway. She even did her famous: Yurushite nyan~ ....much to my disliking haha.
And of course Airi.... As you know, I'm a huge Airi fan. No other idol makes me as happy as she does.
She was just simply beautiful~ I kept going on and on about her much to UsaTEN's dismay hehe.
She looked genuinely happily and was completely radiating with happiness. She smiled so brightly and kissed and waved to fans everywhere. I managed to get a glance from her every now and then and from Momoko too. Well, as I mainly watched Airi, I knew she did quite a few mistakes hehe. She made some singing mistakes but more than that, she kept singing other people's lines and immediately holding her hand to her mouth going oops! and laughing. In Renai Rider, she went to Miyabi's side who quickly held her and went:
 No no no no! You're on that side! , pointing where she should have been and Airi laughing at her mistake. 
The concert
Their outfits were too cute too~ Although they've worn them before apparently? I can't even remember!
The concert was so fun though. I always find myself having more fun singing along to songs rather than doing the support chants but of course I did a bit of both really. I started to feel exhausted half way through! I was completely over doing myself I think. We did the normal chants of Oi! Oi! Oi Oi! For Rock no Kamisama, the Kiss me baby!  for Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! and all.
The setlist was great honestly! I was surprised they did Independent girl and Juicy He@rt. Personally, I'm not much of a fan of Juicy He@rt so I was a little disappointed they didn't sing a song like Gachinko de Ikou! instead but the performance was great anyway. The concert wasn't very showy and they simply sang and dance which is understandable and well... that's all I can ask for really!

After the concert

After it was over, I really had this strong longing for them. I completely missed them!... We tried to yell for an encore for a good 10 or 15 minutes but unfortunately we were told they wouldn't be doing one. UsaTEN and I decided to run to buy merchandise instead. Everything was sold out unfortunately, apart from the exclusive Paris goods which we sort of were expecting to buy in the first place. We couldn't decide whether to buy the album or not and last minute I went er er D'accord!... and bought it. We had to get two medium shirts since they ran out of small shirts but I'll probably only wear it at home on my lazy days anyway~

Final thoughts

I seriously encourage you guys to do whatever you can do see a concert with your favourite idols and groups!  It's such an amazing feeling seeing the people you idolise the most, do what they do best. If they ever went to Italy, I swear we are following them too haha! Well I hope they go to London really~ I'm going to anticipate another overseas performance since I would say this was a huge success for them. I read the Barks' report too and apparently a lot of teenage girls were crying after the signing session and the girls were really happy with their trip.
Ah Risu is very tired now... so I'm off!
See you guys~


P.S  My green glowstick has died haha but my red and pink still glow brightly!  

Tuesday, 14 February 2012


honestly everyone should try and watch them live!

Risu and Usagi fulfilled their dream on sunday >w<

I'm afraid I can't blog today, because I have to prepare for a tough interview tomorrow =.=
BUT I will make a detailed post tomorrow, and will upload our vlog later this week.

photos taken by Usagi~~

anyone else see Buono in Paris?

We're back!!

And there's A LOT to blog about!!! But on the next post! So for now good niighhtt

Saturday, 11 February 2012

It's a ghost town here...

And RisusaTEN are OFF to Paris!!!!

We can't make it to to the first signing session unfortunately.. but even more, we couldn't get the signing session after the concert!! The server sucked so much >_< Nevermind, seeing them perform is good enough for me!

We'll promise to take lots of pictures or something!