Monday, 27 February 2012

New Hair!

idols change their hair a lot, but one that caught my eye recently is 

Okai Chisato!

she cut it short again

more shots

but I can't help but think, doesn't that remind you of someone?

yes, Natsuyaki Miyabi!

miya <(well they do call me fashion leader...)

haha lol

so what do you think?
did Chisa just so happen get a really similar hair cut
or has her love for miyabi reached new levels?

personally I do like her new haircut, she suits it
but it's too similar to miyabi ><
from the back they look exactly the same!
both brown as well
I hope it doesn't cause mix up lol

as a miya fan I'm happy she's such a trendsetter
but's a bit weird isn't it?
I was discussing this with Risu, if Chisa did it to copy miya, then we it's kinda bad as she's an idol herself
but dont get me wrong I still love Chisa


  1. she said sometime ago that management had told her that they wanted her to cut it short and dye it blonde

  2. I think Chisa said she tried to make it like some model. But it does look a lot like Miya's lol