Monday, 20 February 2012


It's out and eng subbed!
risu and usagi has always wanted to watch it together, but unfortunately couldn't meet up, soo
on sunday night we watched it at the same time

I have to say, it's not for the faint hearted...
I don't know what the rating is..but there's some pretty gory scenes
but those aren't really the scariest parts, somehow I even found it a bit funny

it's quite clever I think, I haven't seen any other H!P horrors but I'm sure this would be near top (if not top xP)
their acting surprised me!
I've always known Momoko's the best H!P kids actress, and she certainly lives up to her name
Miya and Airi surprised me too, Airi plays her role well as the narrator she probably has a lot of practice as she's been in a lot of stuff recently
but miya! omg she's scary! if I didn't know her 'honto no jibun', she'd haunt me I swear!
I'm very impressed with the way she played her role, cause tbh I never thought her as a good actress
and after watching it, i'm glad she wore a wig, makes her character more different than her real self

all in all, if you love horrors you should definitely watch it
but don't force yourself if you don't, it can get pretty freaky
it'll be much more fun watching with friends^^

and if you're not put off by it, RisuTEN has kindly made a playlist~
just in case the playlist won't work go >here<

I think I'll give it 9/10, the blood was a bit excessive...
but japanese horrors are the scariest ne..
if you've watched it, let us know what you think!

p.s. I wonder how it's a true story...

Ohh Usa, it's not a true story haha otherwise all over the news they'd talk about all these people dying surely!

Anyway, I'll keep it sure so I don't accidently spoil anything;

I was rather surprised how much I enjoyed this actually. I've only seen Keitai Kanojo for a H!P horror but compared to that, this was muuuuuuuch better. Airi's acting here is definitely better although still has a little bit of flaws here and there. There was one particular scene which made me think: "Wow!.. Airi really did a good job! I want to hug her!! ;_;" so I was pretty proud of her for that.Miyabi had to be my favourite actress here. She played her role very well and actually scared me quite a bit! But all in all, as a person who haates horror movies, the horror scenes made me laugh...a lot!
Momoko did a good job playing her bitchy role though every now and then the hilarity of her role compared to her real self made me laugh a lot. Then again, she played the role very "Momo-like".
I was surprised Chisato didn't really appear much since I was expecting a slightly bigger role but her cameo is pretty good too.

Over all, the story isn't the most original...or scariest...and can be a little unrealistic at times... but it is pretty clever and I enjoyed it too. I think this is definite must watch for Buono! fans but even if you're not, it's still a good movie so I definitely recommend this; whether you want to see their acting, simply watch your favourite idols, watch it for the horror...I'd definitely give it at least an A!


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