Monday, 26 November 2012

Berryz Kobo - WANT!

ahh so excited for this video! it's been aaages since their last release!

I love the song!!
it's really catchy, when I first heard the radio rip, I already liked it.
I quite like how the camera spins around the different rooms, I wish we could see the rooms more clearly, cause they seem to correspond to the member, even though they switch rooms. I love how the rooms are decorated, I think my fave would be Yurina's, love the wall tree! I would like something like that one day.
a thing that I don't like, is how their dark costumes clash with the happy bright rooms, so if they had another lighter costume it'd be muuch better.

they all look really pretty, I love their hairstyles! though as I said before Risako's fringe is a bit too short for my liking. she seems to get a lot of lines in this! but overall the line distribution isn't bad, they all get lines and screen time. another thing which could be better was the ending of the song, I think they could have improved the last note to make it sound more like an ending.
but apart from that i'm really excited for their 30th single! congrats berryz!

Friday, 23 November 2012

C-ute - New PVs!

Yaay new pvs

I shall start with Airi's
Edo no Termai Uta II (2012 ver)
I first heard this as an audio, and tbh I didn't really like it
it sounds too rushed! and I don't know why they made it rocky....just seemed really random to me, it was like a traditional song before, and they totally changed it!
but it's nice to see a video, plus airi does sound really good, you can really hear her powerful vocals
also love her outfit. but wished they gave her another song

Kanashiku Heaven
love love love this song!! i normally dont take that much interest in c-ute's b sides, but this one is amaaazing
so happy when I heard it'll get a pv
took aages though
i like the setting and the green outfits (but airi's shorts were reaaally short!)
but I think it'd be better if they shot everything with new outfits and not use the concert one at all.
cause they kept switching between scenes and they're like totally different! ones rock and the one is pink and colourful. I think it'd be better to leave it as a concert vid with the cheers.
but i guess it's only a bside pv

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Mano Erina - Next Myself PV

was about to turn in for the night, when I saw this

aw its Mano's last single!
I was quite surprised at first when I heard she was graduating, but I'm happy for her if that's what she wants. I'm thinking she wants to focus on acting? sounds good

anyways, I remember there was an ad for mano fans to participate in the video, which is a really nice idea I think.
at first I thought the people dressed in different clothes were, and I thought wow they're good!
but then I saw that her fans were all in red
I managed to spot 1 girl

she looks really pretty in her close up
and is it me, or is her hair just getting shorter and shorter, didn't realize it was that short
but it suits her
I remember thinking did they every do anything with her (old) hair? since it was a typical asian girl style it could get boring easily, and this one frames her face more

the song itself was ok, there were a few parts I liked, but there wasn't anything that really grabbed me
I'm thinking the lyrics are quite meaningful...or at least I hope so
I never really understood the title of this single, Next Myself...
first of all it doesn't sound right and secondly, so is she not doing anything for herself now? or is she saying she's going to be by herself from now on..? but she's a soloist, so she's on her own anyway

the pv is good for the average HP videos, but mano has had some awesome pv's before, sooo this wasn't her best. there was only two shots, one closeup and one in a car park I assume. I think they could have at least another shot, or make the car park more interesting.
I really liked the end though

wow this came out longer than I expected!
I shall give this a 7.5/10
the end bumped it up, plus it's her last single

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Sayotama PV 3

Boys be ambitious!
I wish she got more lines, she doesn't often get to sing. and her voice is really nice and soft, suits this song well.

from the title of the song I imagined it to be a fast energetic song
I don't really get what they song is about from the video... they're singing about boys in a field?
the pv isn't as good as the previous ones, it's pretty but it's not as interesting and the song itself is plain, it doesn't have a highlight and it seemed to carry the same tune throughout

but I did like the scene with them riding bikes
I like aika's hairstyles and captains second hairstyle. 
especially love captain's closeup with her hair partly down.

I kinda wish captain was in a dance group, she needs to show off her dancing more
for this 6.5/10
the song didn't interest me

Friday, 9 November 2012

Sayotama PVs

I really liked this mv! 
I didn't have much expectations cause I didn't think much of the song
but the video definitely makes me like the song more
Really love the outside scenes, when they're singing together in a field and when they're walking in the forest
sometimes I don't understand why companies spend so much on videos where they're just in a box with lots of lights. when they can just step outside and take a really good video their. it's even worse when they're just in a box with no fancy lights (ahem momoiro sparkling)
and Peaberry is a really cute name!

I still don't really get the sad indoor scenes...are they singing about wanting to go to the forest?
ah the bbq makes me hungry!
I think it'd be nicer if they included a bit more of the dance shot, cause that's a highlight of the song
or it'd be nice if they released a dance shot ver
I like the song, real catchy

Overall I love the sayotama videos! I shall look forward to their releases more
I wonder if these units would release more singles, I hope so, cause otherwise it'd be a waste in thinking up those names. but in the future I hope the more underrated members get a chance to be in one

S/mileage - Samui ne PV

the camera wobbled in places...i suppose it's intentional, but it looks like to me that the cameraman lost his footing xD
they look quite different, especially kanon, maybe cause I've never seen her in so many
akari stood out for me, cho kirei

the song isn't bad, prefer this one over their previous one
and their costumes reminded me a bit of sailor moon lol (best show ever)
I don't really know what to rate it..if i had to 7/10
they coulda done more with the 'cold' theme i think

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Berryz Kobo WANT Profile Pictures

 I decided to group them

Twins (matching hair)
she looks like a supermodel!

new hairstyles
love miya's hair!

new hair!
you might be thinking, what's different about this?
but if you look closely, she has a fringe!
she looks so pretty here^^

now here's one that jumps out at you
red hair! red hair!!
it's funky, i much prefer it over her previous hair
but...i think it'd be better with a longer fringe

last but not least....
the biggest change of all
everyone cheer with me!!
she's soo pretty with this hair
I think she got a haircut, looks shorter and thinner

can't see much of the costumes
but they remind me of halloween a bit...
and since the original release date was close to halloween (or on it, I forget)
maybe it was a spooky themed one..

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Buono! REAL Rehearsal

loved airi's hatsukoi opening verse
momo looks really nice with a simple ponytail!