Thursday, 15 November 2012

Sayotama PV 3

Boys be ambitious!
I wish she got more lines, she doesn't often get to sing. and her voice is really nice and soft, suits this song well.

from the title of the song I imagined it to be a fast energetic song
I don't really get what they song is about from the video... they're singing about boys in a field?
the pv isn't as good as the previous ones, it's pretty but it's not as interesting and the song itself is plain, it doesn't have a highlight and it seemed to carry the same tune throughout

but I did like the scene with them riding bikes
I like aika's hairstyles and captains second hairstyle. 
especially love captain's closeup with her hair partly down.

I kinda wish captain was in a dance group, she needs to show off her dancing more
for this 6.5/10
the song didn't interest me

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