Friday, 9 November 2012

Sayotama PVs

I really liked this mv! 
I didn't have much expectations cause I didn't think much of the song
but the video definitely makes me like the song more
Really love the outside scenes, when they're singing together in a field and when they're walking in the forest
sometimes I don't understand why companies spend so much on videos where they're just in a box with lots of lights. when they can just step outside and take a really good video their. it's even worse when they're just in a box with no fancy lights (ahem momoiro sparkling)
and Peaberry is a really cute name!

I still don't really get the sad indoor scenes...are they singing about wanting to go to the forest?
ah the bbq makes me hungry!
I think it'd be nicer if they included a bit more of the dance shot, cause that's a highlight of the song
or it'd be nice if they released a dance shot ver
I like the song, real catchy

Overall I love the sayotama videos! I shall look forward to their releases more
I wonder if these units would release more singles, I hope so, cause otherwise it'd be a waste in thinking up those names. but in the future I hope the more underrated members get a chance to be in one

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