Thursday, 8 November 2012

Berryz Kobo WANT Profile Pictures

 I decided to group them

Twins (matching hair)
she looks like a supermodel!

new hairstyles
love miya's hair!

new hair!
you might be thinking, what's different about this?
but if you look closely, she has a fringe!
she looks so pretty here^^

now here's one that jumps out at you
red hair! red hair!!
it's funky, i much prefer it over her previous hair
but...i think it'd be better with a longer fringe

last but not least....
the biggest change of all
everyone cheer with me!!
she's soo pretty with this hair
I think she got a haircut, looks shorter and thinner

can't see much of the costumes
but they remind me of halloween a bit...
and since the original release date was close to halloween (or on it, I forget)
maybe it was a spooky themed one..

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